The two friends who fall into the waterfall to take a selfie

Two girls, best friends, Brunette Velasquez, 18 years old, e Monique Medeiros, 19, lost their lives while trying to take a selfie at the top of the Salto Caveiras waterfall in Lages, in Brazil. According to the first reconstruction of the media local, one lost her balance and the other slipped in an attempt to […]

The curve of the corona numbers for Hesse is slightly steeper

A63 new corona infections were reported in Hessen on Tuesday. This emerges from the new Corona Bulletin published by the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs at around 2 p.m., which is based on figures from the Robert Koch Institute. The previous day there were 58. There are cumulative over the past seven days 336 new […]

Ivana Gottová is slowly returning to life: The first words of the most famous widow!

“During his lifetime, Karel wrote his autobiography, which he gradually composed of a mosaic of memories, edited and corresponded over the last few years. It is unique and unique. he would be satisfied to the last detail, “Ivana Gottová addressed her husband’s fans through Instagram. Gott explained to enthusiastic readers why she had to postpone […]

No further corona victim, very few new infections

Dhe new coronavirus infections reported daily remain below the 100 mark in Hesse. After 40 on Sunday and seven at the beginning of the week, the health authorities have now reported 37 new Covid 19 cases. This results from the data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is in charge of disease control. It […]

Another black man shot. Dijon was supposed to break traffic rules on his bike

The fight was to take place after two police officers tried to stop African-American Dijon Kizzee (29), who was to break several road rules on a bicycle. According to their statement, Dijon decided to flee and the police finally caught him a few blocks away. The pair of officers then testified that Dijon should have […]

Hurricane Laura, at least 14 dead in Louisiana and Texas – North America

The death toll from the passage of Hurricane Laura over Louisiana and Texas has risen to at least 14 deaths. Local and health authorities report this.Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards confirmed that at least 10 people have lost their lives in his state, including five due to carbon monoxide produced by portable generators used inside […]

Obesity increases risk of dying from COVID by 48%

Moderate to severe obesity is believed to increase the risk of dying from COVID-19 by nearly 50%, a study finds that the probabilities of complications associated with body build are higher than previously thought. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus The study conducted at the University of North Carolina at […]

Miami police wife dies trapped in her patrol car

The wife of a veteran Miami Police officer died after being trapped for several hours in the back seat of her husband’s police SUV for much of a sweltering afternoon outside the family’s Miami Shores home, authorities confirmed Monday. . Investigators are treating the death of Clara Paulino, 56, on Friday as an accident. Detectives […]

Life policies, that’s why take out one

The life insurance is a contract that is signed between a private person and an insurance company to guarantee, in case of disability, longevity The death, an economic income to one or more defined recipients beneficiaries. They will benefit from the liquidity of the insurance upon the occurrence ofcontract event. The subject who stipulates it […]