Controlling the virus globally: “we are far from the mark”

Low vaccination rates in some more disadvantaged countries are significantly hampering the global effort to combat COVID-19. • Read also: France announces easing of health restrictions • Read also: Nearly 100 additional deaths in Quebec • Read also: No new easing of sanitary measures “The way out of the crisis, both locally and globally, will […]

what possibility of being infected has the one who already had Covid

Argentina adds almost 5.3 million of infected registered Covid. The infected curve in recent months touched its bottom two weeks ago. Since then it has risen again, hand in hand with the greater circulation of the Delta variant, while the 55 percent of the population is vaccinated with two doses. While the third wave of […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Delta is once again on Lancia’s plans

Luca Napolitano, who runs the Lancia brand, confirmed to Corriere Della Serra that there will be a new Delta. 8 The picture is just an illustration, we can only hope that the fourth Delta generation will look as good as Angelo Granata’s 2013 plansGaléria: Angelo Granata Lancia Delta Concept As the expert put it, everyone […]

Rusvai: The fourth wave seems more dangerous than the others

Johns Hopkins University released worldwide data on the coronavirus this morning, with 233 million infected and 4.7 million casualties claimed by the virus. The infection is still present in 192 countries. The number of infected people in Hungary is growing rapidly, it was only around 600 at the beginning of September, but now this data […]

Confirmed conviction of seven soldiers for rape of Emberá girl

They confirm the conviction of seven soldiers for raping an Emberá girl, as it became known in the last hours. The above, after the uniformed men sexually accessed her when she was 12 years old. Soldiers convicted of raping Embera girl The Superior Court of Pereira confirmed in second instance the sentence to 16 years […]