Zelensky: ‘Millions frozen, it’s a crime against humanity’ – World

“With temperatures below zero, millions of people are without heating, electricity or water. This is a clear crime against humanity”. This was stated by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky speaking on video at the UN Security Council meeting. “We have to lead the world out of this dead end. We need your decisions”, he said […]

IMF: half of the Euroland in recession, Italy too – Economy

A “toxic mix of high inflation and sluggish growth” weighs on Europe: “this winter more than half of the countries in the euro area will experience a technical recession, with at least two consecutive quarters” of negative growth. This was stated by Alfred Kammer, the head of the European Department of the IMF. Among the […]

In Avellino two prisoners take two agents hostage – Campania

Sappe denounces it. One went up on the roof and threatened to commit suicide High tension in the Avellino prison where on Friday two prison police officers were taken hostage by two inmates and one climbed onto the roof of the prison and threatened to throw himself into the void. […]

Verena Rohde is the new business promoter

October 1, 2022 at 5:30 p.m Successor to Hans-Josef Bruns in Kevelaer : Verena Rohde is the new business promoter Verena Rohde is the new business promoter of the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer. Photo: city Kevelaer The Council has set the course for economic development. The department is reorganized and a successor has been found […]

blood season

Author(s) Spurrier, Simon (1981-…) (Author);Bergara, Matias (1984-…) (Illustrator);Lopes, Mat (Graphic technician);Touboul, Philippe (Translator)Securities) Season of Blood/Scenario If Spurrier; drawing Matias Bergara; colors Matheus Lopes; translation Philippe Touboul. Editor(s) Marcinelle (Belgium): Dupuis, 2022.; Marcinelle (Belgium): Dupuis, 2022. Résumé A little girl faces a dangerous, beautiful and hostile world. She can only go forward, angry shadows opposing […]

Kiev, torture room in the police station in Izyum – World

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 19 – In the Izyum police department, which the Russian army had transformed into its headquarters while controlling the city of the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian forces have found a torture room. This was reported on Facebook by Sergey Bolvinov, head of the investigative department of the regional police. Investigators are now […]