Popular economy project would benefit the department

Within the framework of the twenty-seventh National Congress of Travel and Tourism Agencies in the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Germán Umaña, visited, where important announcements were made regarding the economy for the country, likewise, the impact that a new popular economy decree would have […]

Strong recommendation from the Ioannina Fire Department

Editorial RoomCurrent Affairs A strong recommendation to citizens to be particularly careful and to avoid any outdoor activity that could cause a fire, but also not to dispose of municipal waste in forest and rural areas, is addressed by the Prefecture Fire Services Administration (DIPYN) of Ioannina. in the context of continuous information and awareness […]

The voters of the 4th seat, Ntem department call to vote Virginie Akele Mozogo

The voters of the 4th seat, Ntem department call to vote Virginie Akele Mozogo August 24, 2023 The Gabonese political universe is in full swing. Many women no longer want to be left behind and decide to take center stage. Virginie Akele Mozogo marries Mounanga is one of those women who stand out. She is […]

Viet A Department: Who are the shareholders? Is it really manufacturing test kits?

Who are the shareholders of Viet A Company? According to the conclusion of the investigation, Viet A Technology Joint Stock Company was granted the certificate of business registration by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment for the first time on February 28, 2007, and registered for the sixth change on October 11, […]

Lee Dong-gwan “Delete the lateness of the biographical department, Heo Mu-Maeng-Rang” Homeroom teacher “The facts of my life”

Regarding the school violence case of the son of Lee Dong-gwan, candidate for the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, the homeroom teacher held a press conference to partially refute Lee’s testimony at the hearing, attracting attention. Regarding Lee’s testimony that the homeroom teacher called candidate Lee’s wife and son to apologize, the homeroom teacher […]

The crime of bribery.. Two years imprisonment for the director of the National Card Department in Al-Shura district in Nineveh

August 11, 2023 Baghdad / Obelisk Al-Hadath: The Federal Integrity Commission announced the issuance of a judgment in the presence of severe imprisonment for the director of one of the Ministry of Interior departments in Al-Shura district in Nineveh Governorate. for having committed the crime of bribery. The Commission’s Investigation Department, speaking about the details […]

The police department pointed out the ‘prohibition and restriction of assemblies’… “It doesn’t fit the purpose of the Constitution”

National Police Agency “operating in full consideration of court decisions” At a meeting of the National Police Commission (Police Committee), it was revealed that a point was raised regarding the prohibition or restriction of nighttime gatherings by the police that “it does not conform to the purpose guaranteed by the Constitution.” According to the police […]