Princess Markéta from Řachand’s fairy tale informed about her separation with her husband on social networks, when fans overwhelmed her with questions as to why she no longer gave funny photos or videos with Honza. Everyone separately “Your growing inquiries about Mr. Teddy Bear are no longer bearable, and I have to pay the public […]

Separation! It’s about money: Divorce battle in the Zech house | Regional

Bremen – He is Germany’s most successful real estate developer, worth hundreds of millions of euros. He created the “Zech Group” empire from his father’s small construction business. She is the woman at his side who no longer wants to bother with her role. Millions of separation in the finest Bremen circles! Building contractor Kurt […]

Lawyer Mag. Manuel Dietrich – Services / Aliens Law

The right to enter, stay and settle foreigners is laid down in the Aliens Act (FrG). In Austria, foreigners are people who do not have Austrian citizenship. It’s also about Commuters who travel to Austria every day to do a job Cross-border commuters who travel abroad every day to do a job Vacationers who stay […]

The woman who married herself because she met someone else wants to divorce

Shortly after three months of marriage, Cris Galera is getting ready to divorce. The 33-year-old Brazilian model went to herself in September, meaning she would now become herself on her own. Chris Guys he says he was insecure all his life, he was afraid of being left alone, he always wanted to belong to someone […]

This woman is getting a divorce from herself! – THE THING

This fall, Cris Galêra married herself. After only 90 days, however, a divorce should now come about. In September, the model made headlines with her wedding: She married herself to celebrate her self-love. But now she wants to end her marriage. The reason: you met someone else. Divorce from yourself According to media reports, the […]

Judah’s divorce inspired Judy

Certainly it wasn’t Nora Devil’s goal to inspire other women with her divorce, Judyyet it was enough for him to rethink his relationship and eventually quit. If that didn’t happen, she probably wouldn’t be with her beloved husband today, so she’s grateful to the presenter afterwards. “I felt I had to get out of the […]