Lajos Galambos’ statement on his divorce

Galambos Lajost he was sentenced to 2 years 10 months in prison for his stolen case in September, but not only does the trumpet player have to deal with this difficulty. THE Frisbee In his Sunday broadcast, he confessed to Péter Hajdú that his marriage with his wife, Boglárka, had run aground. Lagzi Lajcsi has […]

File for divorce from wife because she doesn’t bathe every day

A strange case came to light after the wife of an Indian man found out about a separation process from her partner. According to the local news outlet News18, a man from Aligarh, in India, you legally filed for divorce because your wife he does not bathe every day. It may interest you: The unsuccessful […]

Divorce of Tamás Veréb –

It becomes Tamás Veréb. The 27-year-old actor-singer announced on her social site that her marriage was over Klajkó Szandra with dancer. Tamás Veréb was together for 7 years, they got married last year (Source: TV2 / Mocha – video) Tamás Veréb married Szandra Klajkó in February 2020. In his post, the actor-singer revealed that their […]

Entrepreneur Ilons Masks claims to be “partially divorced” from his partner

Entrepreneur Ilon Masks claims to be “partially divorced” from his partner, Canadian singer Clare Bush or “Grimes”, the BBC reports. The CEOs of SpaceX and Tesla told Page Six that although they “still love each other, they often see and treat each other great”, but the two have often had long careers. Claire Bush has […]

Gisela Valcárcel: “They had turned me off, and I didn’t go out to answer either” (VIDEO) Tula Rodriguez | Javier Carmona | infidelity | Allison Pastor | SHOWS

Updated on 09/08/2021 09:47 am After criticism on social networks to Gisela Valcárcel for questioning harshly a Allison Pastor, which motivated his resignation to “Queens of the show” In the semifinal of the program, the host said that has preferred to be silent in the face of negative comments, just as he has acted throughout […]