In Krefeld, the demand for daycare places for dogs is increasing

July 4, 2022 at 6:00 p.m Care offer for dogs : After Corona, Huta places are in demand Jutta Thiele (right) and her employee now also look after dogs at their second location on Hueler Straße. Photo: hit Krefeld Dog day care centers are a solution when masters and mistresses go back to the office. […]

The jury of America’s Got Talent went crazy from a dog dancer from Hungary

An Australian Shepherd named Christine Elisabeth and Meredith, Bérczes, made it to the top of America’s Got Talent Talent Search with four dances in a dance production that has only been seen by one and a half million on Facebook alone. In Bérczes Hollókő he breeds Australian Shepherds and runs a dance school. In a […]

Berlin is the capital of night people – including night joggers

Berlin is the capital of everything, but above all it is the capital of nightlife and therefore also the capital of night people. It has always been the case that the party-mad part of the population is drawn to Berlin. I still remember the sparkling eyes of a couple of Bavarian boys we met in […]

Roger Federer presents dog “Willow” on Instagram

Roger Federer (40) is still preparing for his comeback. But now the Maestro is presenting the newest family member on Instagram. Roger Federer is currently working on his comeback. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief The Federer family has bought a four-legged friend. The dog is called “Willow” and is presented by the tennis […]

An Lemmens shares sad news: «Rest in peace»

Presenter An Lemmens had to say goodbye to her dog Sir Didymus. She shared this on Instagram. Door Editorial Online &nbsp- 25/05/2022 om 19:48 Sad news at the An Lemmens household. Her Chihuahua Sir Didymus, a mutt she got from the shelter years ago, has passed away. He was 16 years old. “Rest in peace, […]

“Dog – Luck has four paws” – on the dog – cinema

Whether “Lassie”, “Benji” or “Bailey” – barking is allowed in the cinema. Because man’s best friend is the dog! This is now celebrated once more in “Dog – Das Glück hat vier Pfoten” and this time again according to a formula. Story: Soldier Jackson (Channing Tatum, 42), traumatized by war, returns to the military. The […]

Body fat: how to know if your pet is within the weight | Health

shutterstock Taking care to keep the animal’s weight within the limit is very important for its health. Summary Excess fat can bring complications to pets’ health, including joint problems. The tutor can identify if the pet is within the appropriate levels by observing the pet’s waist, which must be palpable Metabolic disorders may contribute to […]

Düsseldorf/Selm: NRW police practice first aid on the dog model | Regional

Dusseldorf/Selm – First aid also needs to be learned with the dog. That is why a first-aid kit has been developed for the police dogs in North Rhine-Westphalia. All service dog handlers of the NRW police should soon be equipped with it, as a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior said when asked by […]