Golden monument to Alabai erected in Turkmenistan

Photo: Frame from video Golden monument to Alabai erected in Ashgabat During the opening ceremony, videos were shown on the screen with the participation of dogs of the corresponding breed. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdumuhamedov took part in the opening of a golden monument to the Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd) dog. This was announced on […]

Charged weekend

How and where to collect content for Instagram for a week ahead in one weekend? Moreover, if smoothly pouring into the weekend on Friday evening, they forgot to put the phone on charge, and instead of a photo hunt, you have to rush from outlet to outlet. The mission is feasible if you have the […]

Tried to bury it while the mother went to the bathroom

A devastating event occurred in the town of Hamilton, New Zealand, after a Rottweiler dog will kill a newborn baby. His mother would have left him for only a few moments to go to the bathroom, at which point the animal committed the attack. After returning to the place where her son was, she discovered […]

Pistachios, Rare Green Dogs Born in Italy

ROMA, – Something unexpected happened in Italy. A breeder named Cristian Mallocci was shocked when his female dog, Spelacchia, gave birth to a puppy with green hair. The little dog was immediately given the name Pistachio, in reference to the green bean. Pistachios are one of five dogs born to Spelacchia on a farm […]

Benito, the dog that went viral when he visited the grave of his owner

Benito’s story, a puppy that lost its owner, Joha, four years ago, has moved thousands through social media. The canine still remembers the woman he lived with for two years, so He shows his loyalty when he visits the cemetery where his remains lie. Also look at: (VIDEO) The curious way in which a dog […]

New Xbox studio the Initiative hires Naughty Dog’s combat animator

Lee Davis is the new signing of The Iniative. Microsoft announced the founding of this Santa Monica, California studio in E3 2018 along with the acquisition of other companies. The lead designer of melee animations in combat games. Naughty Dog is not the first, nor does it appear to be the last, of the many […]

Unknown facets of Ricardo Ciciliano’s first steps in football

I met Ricardo Ciciliano in 1990, in the children’s Atlantic team directed by Carlos Bolívar. He played for the School on 24 de Soledad. From the Atlantic Team (national champion, in 1992, with Javier Castell) she went on to the Colombian pre-youth team (South American champion in the coffee region), directed by Basilico González. So […]

Painted tiger dog roaming the street sparks outrage on social media – World

The images shared by an association of a dog roaming the streets of a Malaysian city are generating revolt on social networks. The animal in question is painted with orange paint and black stripes, in order to look like a tiger. The photographs were shared on the social network Facebook by the association Persatuan Haiwan […]