Large polls in 13 countries show a weakened view of the United States

The survey was conducted in 13 prosperous, democratic countries by the American think tank Pew Research Center. In several of the countries, the view of the USA is at the lowest level since the measurements began. In only one of the countries, South Korea, is a majority that has a mainly positive view of the […]

Trump admits he wants to kill President Assad, but Mattis is prevented

loading… WASHINGTON – President United States of America (AS) Donald Trump on Tuesday (15/9/2020) admitted he wanted to kill Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. However, he was prevented by James Norman Mattis, who was then America’s secretary of defense. However, the American leader did not regret not doing so. “No, I don’t regret it. I could […]

Fire broke out in Trump Tower

A fire broke out in Trump Tower in Manhattan. There were injuries. TV pictures show fire fighters on the roof of the high-rise building. A fire broke out on Monday in the private residence of US President Donald Trump and his family. Two people were injured in the fire, one of them seriously, said the […]

Austrians mistakenly receive aid checks because of covid signed by Trump

Dozens of Austrians received, apparently due to an administrative error, checks from the United States government issued to their citizens to alleviate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, reports the public broadcaster ORF today. Among the beneficiaries is a 73-year-old pensioner who lives in Linz and received a check for $ 1,200 (1,013 euros), which […]

in Portland, the battle between anti-racist activists and the federal police

REPORT – For several weeks, the largest city in Oregon has been the site of violent protests. President Trump tries to make it the symbol of the laxity of elected Democrats to present himself as the guarantor of law and order. Amid the smoke from tear gas, a protester faces security forces during a mobilization […]

Trump took art from France after canceling military commemoration | NOW

US President Donald Trump had three works of art worth about $ 750,000 (about 675,000 euros) transferred from France to the United States in 2018, the White House told the news agency on Sunday. Bloomberg. Two of the three works of art turned out to be copies. “The president has returned these magnificent and historic […]

Barry Buzan: “There is a self-destruction of the United States as a super power”

Related news Barry Buzan it is as intellectually sophisticated as it is eclectic. Emeritus Professor of the London School of Economics He is one of the greatest exponents of the English School of International Relations and, in addition, of the Copenhagen School. Buzan discusses both realism and liberalism, the two most influential theoretical currents in […]

Hot Again! Trump Will Block China’s Semiconductor Giant

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Donald Trump administration through the US Department of Defense is considering imposing export restrictions on Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China’s largest semiconductor producer. A US Department of Defense spokesman said the government was in discussion over the possibility of SMIC being added to the Department of Commerce’s list of […]

USA. Nancy Pelosi plotted for a trip to the hairdresser

Surveillance cameras, installed by the salon’s owner a few years ago, captured the third most important political figure in the American nation, in a bathrobe and without a mask, going through a door after washing her hair, followed by a man in a mask. The next day, the visit to the hairdresser of one of […]

Trump pins Nancy Pelosi, seen at the hairdresser without a mask

Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for going to a hair salon in San Francisco, where indoor treatments are banned due to COVID-19, and removing her mask. “A stunt”, defended the President of the House of Representatives, who claims to have followed the instructions of the hairdresser. Nancy Pelosi is one of […]