Solidarity in Elche: great mobilization to donate blood

Hundreds of people have gone through the moment already this Saturday for the Congress Center for donate blood in the campaign of the Transfusion Center of the Valencian Community (CTCV) next to the Town Hall. Until 9:00 p.m., those interested can come to participate in this XV donation since the motto is clear: blood cannot […]

Eurocaja Rural celebrates a new Blood Donation Marathon tomorrow

The objective of this initiative organized by Eurocaja Rural, whose motto chosen this year has been “Donate Blood. Give Life» is to make society aware of the importance of donating blood, because it is not something that can be manufactured, to make donation a habit and show the way to new donors. The president of […]

Quilpué Audiovisual Cultural Center begins its annual Chilean film billboard

The programming includes national premieres aimed at school audiences and the elderly, as well as the return of the successful drive-in cinema in different communes. After a successful year, the Quilpue Audiovisual Cultural Center come back with one billboard of various activities in format digital and face-to-facewhich will be carried out during 2023 in the […]

Two men are shot to death after bringing donations to Cieneguilla

Victims were intercepted at the Manchay Bridge, border between Cieneguilla and Pachacámac Two people ended up having a fatal outcome after bringing donations to the victims of the sector Seco River and La Cantera in the district of Cieneguilla, due to the mudslides. On the way back, they were intercepted by suspected hitmen and two […]

The donation-partage ensures equal treatment between children

When you have several children, the donation-partage has many advantages on the legal level compared to isolated donations. It facilitates succession and prevents certain children from being disadvantaged by the rule of inheritance. It is the family transmission tool par excellence. The donation-partition allows you to organize, during your lifetime, the sharing and distribution of […]

The UMA hosts a new blood and marrow donation campaign from March 8 to 29

The campus centers of Theatines and the Ejido of the Universidad of Málaga points will be enabled between March 8 and 29 within the framework of the blood and marrow donation. Under the slogan ‘Donate blood, give life’, the Transfusion Center invites the university community to carry out this gesture of solidarity. In addition, students […]

First organ donation in controlled asystole

The General University Hospital of Ciudad Real, dependent on the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service (SESCAM), has made the first organ donation in controlled asystole. Asystole donation is the donation of organs and tissues that come from a donor who is diagnosed as dead after confirmation of the irreversible cessation of cardiorespiratory functions (absence of heartbeat […]

“When you donate blood, you could be saving the lives of three people”

According to the latest statistics, there are 33,596 active donors in the province, some 1,678 more throughout 2022. The Transfusion Center received a total of 32,964 donations that year, of which the Brotherhood of Toledo contributed 19,876. Only in blood the increase was seven percent, to reach a record figure. Social networks and the media, […]

Last day to donate to ATH Móvil Week

Today is the last day to donate to more than 700 non-profit organizations in the ATH Móvil por Puerto Rico initiative. The ATH Móvil Por Puerto Rico week seeks to promote the growth and development of non-profit organizations on the island and encourage collection using the ATH Móvil “Donate” functionality. In alliance with WAPA-TV and […]