“You always have that little doubt, but I hope to renew”

He signed his last three-year contract on June 30, 2017 in Laguardia in the concentration that takes place every summer Baiko Pilota, then Asegarce. Ander Imaz runs out in a month, and he is one of the nine players who has to negotiate his relationship with the promoter from Bilbao in the event that she […]

Three positives in Cologne threaten the return of the Bundesliga

The positive in the three-person coronavirus test at FC Colonia raised doubts in Germany on Saturday about the possibility that the Bundesliga could resume soon, even with games behind closed doors. The newspaper ‘Bild’ notes that they are two players and a physical therapist, while the German club, claiming privacy, only confirms the infection of […]

Boundary. The ARS acknowledges a doubt about the placement of Haute-Corse in red

The Regional Health Agency of Corsica acknowledged on Thursday, April 30, a doubt about the classification of Haute-Corse in red on the synthesis map unveiled by the Ministry of Health, in preparation for the decontamination. The two departments of the island appear in red on the map showing hospital tension on resuscitation capabilities, but Corse-du-Sud […]

New York oil sinks by 10%, skepticism about the Opep + agreement

New York (awp / afp) – New York oil fell sharply at the close on Tuesday, as investors seemed to doubt that a deal signed on Sunday between the world’s main exporters of black gold to adjust their production compensated for the collapse demand caused by the coronavirus crisis. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) per barrel […]

Science, the doubts of an amputated ministry | Science

Spanish science has been in a crisis for more than a decade that seems to have no end. The public research system has lost more than 20 billion euros since 2009. Although the economic recovery came years ago, the laboratories have hardly felt the improvements. Public investment in science is stagnant at levels similar to […]

Endesa raises questions about the nuclear shutdown plan | Economy

Endesa has sown doubts about the agreed plan for the closure of nuclear power plants. While for the two Almaraz groups it plans a repayment term of 44 and 45 years, for the Ascó and Vandellós plants it is maintained in 50 years and this has been reflected in accounting. This decision on the Catalan […]