Draft Rules for Adding DPR-DPRD Seats in 2024 Approved by DPR

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 07 Feb 2023 08:53 WIB Illustration. The 2019 Legislative Election simulation held by the KPU. (CNN Indonesia/Andry Novelino) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Commission II DPR RI approved the draft Regulation KPU (PKPU) regarding electoral districts (dapil) and the allocation of seats for members of the DPR and DPRD in the […]

DPR Officially Approves Yudo Margono as TNI Commander

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The DPR officially approved Admiral Yudo Margono as TNI Commander at the 12th plenary meeting which was held today, Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Initially, the Chairperson of the Defense Commission, Meutya Hafid, presented a report on the results of the fit and proper test on Judo. In his report, Hafid also mentioned […]

One Step More to Be Passed into Law, This Article is Revised in the RKUHP Draft

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Draft Criminal Code or RKUHP, which still remains controversial, is one step away from being ratified by the House of Representatives. Yesterday, the Law Commission of the DPR and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights agreed on all the articles contained in the RKUHP at level I. This decision was […]

P2SK Bill, DPR Reject Cooperatives Supervised by OJK

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — DPR rejected the government’s proposal to cooperative savings and loans under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) through the Financial Sector Development and Strengthening Bill (RUU PPSK/P2SK). Deputy Chairperson of Commission XI who chaired the DIM Panja Meeting on the PPSK Bill Dolfie OFP asked the government to create a […]

YLBHI Urges the DPR and Kemenkumham to remove anti-democratic articles in the RKUHP

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) and 18 LBH Offices urged anti-democratic articles in the draft Criminal Code (RKUHP). YLBHI general chairman, M. Isnur, said the anti-democratic articles were still being enforced referring to the conclusions of the previous meeting. “The serious problem that is the main focus is that the RKUHP […]

Leaders Declaration at the G20 Summit, Evidence that Indonesia is a Global Level Negotiator

NATIONAL INFO — Leaders Declaration (Leadership Declaration) or Communique agreed at the Bali G20 Summit or Summit is a form of world confidence in Indonesia’s progress as a global negotiator which can be seen from its long track record of foreign policy including the Indonesian government’s position taken in the Ukraine-Russia war. This was stated […]

Insulting DPR and Police Can Be Imprisoned for 1.5 Years

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Manuscript of the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHPThe latest ) submitted by the government to the DPR on Wednesday (9/11), regulates criminal threats for insulting state institutions such as the DPR to the National Police. The manuscript amends a number of articles, but retains several articles on insults to state institutions such […]