The deputy in the Donetsk region participated in the illegal referendum of the DPR

Donetsk region, Friday 06 November 2020 18:29 News in Ukrainian Photo: “DPR” flag ( In the Donetsk region, the prosecutor’s office accuses the deputy of the Liman City Council of participating in the so-called “DPR” referendum in 2014. She worked in election commissions. The prosecutor’s office of the Donetsk region reports. It was established that […]

Russia officially recognized the documents of residents of the DPR and LPR – world news

Documents issued on the territory of ORDLO will be recognized regardless of the owner’s citizenship From open sources The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, amended his 2017 decree on the recognition on the territory of the Russian Federation of documents issued to residents of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The […]

Singer Chicherina received a “DPR passport”

Chicherina received a fake “document” from Pushilin’s hands Russian singer Yulia Chicherina became the owner of the second “document” of the Donbass separatists. The DNR separatists issued a so-called “passport” to the Russian singer Yulia Chicherina. She announced this on her Facebook page on Thursday, October 22. “Now I’m a Donetsk girl,” she briefly signed […]

DPR Approves Naturalization of Marc Anthony Klok and 3 Basketball Athletes

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The DPR RI Plenary Session approved applications for consideration of citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia for four athletes of foreign nationals, Monday, October 5, 2020. The agreement was a follow-up to the previous discussion at the DPR Commission III Working Meeting on the same day with the Minister of Youth and […]

Zelensky predicted riots in the “LPNR”

Photo: Office of the President Zelensky will go to Austria today There is a humanitarian disaster in the occupied Donbass, so pro-Ukrainian residents can start a riot, Zelensky said. Residents of the uncontrolled Donbass will soon rebel against the so-called “LPNR” authorities, says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He expressed this opinion in an interview with […]

Geger Insurance! DPR Call OJK, Customer MPAM to Krishna

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Commission XI DPR RI invited the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and a number of insurance customers to attend the discussion of problems in the insurance industry. This initiative from the DPR was carried out after finding many cases of defaulting on claims by a number of insurance companies that made customers […]

16 Trade Unions Support Omnibus Law with Notes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI) Said Iqbal stated that a number of labor unions supported the President’s move Jokowi who want to facilitate investment. Moreover, the national economy has been shaken due to the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19). Said Iqbal revealed this after discussing the labor cluster in the draft law […]

Polemic on the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture, House Leadership Allegedly Serious Problems Page all

JAKARTA, – Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Sufmi Dasco Ahmad assesses the Mobilization Organization Program (POP) initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture has a serious problem. He also asked Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim to immediately evaluate POP, after a number of large organizations withdrew from the program. […]

Member of Parliament Asks To Be Involved in SOE CSR, Observer: Outrageous! Page all

JAKARTA, – Researcher from Democracy and Electoral Empowerment Partnership (DEEP) of Indonesia Yusfitriadi assessed, the request of DPR members to be involved in the program corporate social responsibility (CSR) State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) outrageous. “This is asking for rations, this has gone too far,” Yusfitriadi said in a virtual discussion on Thursday (2/7/2020). He responded […]