The House of Representatives suddenly removed Aswanto from the Constitutional Court Judge, Jimly Asshiddiqie: President Jokowi Must Refuse

Former Constitutional Court Justice (MK) Jimly Asshiddiqie at the Constitutional Court Building, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (28/8/2019). (Source: Chusna Farisa) Writer : Fadel Prayoga | Editor : Paradise Faith JAKARTA, COMPASS TV – Former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Jimly Asshiddiqie criticized the DPR’s decision to suddenly remove Aswanto from the position of […]

Moeldoko on Dudung and Effendi’s Polemic: Mutual Respect for Institutions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) General TNI (Purn.) Moeldoko participate in commenting on polemics between members Commission I DPR RI Effendi Simbolon with the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General Dudung Abdurrachman. According to Moeldoko, the polemic does not need to be extended. The reason is, both parties have […]

AHY Appoints Ongku Hasibuan to Replace Jhoni Allen in DPR

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the Democratic Party Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono or AHY has appointed Ongku Hasibuan as a member of the DPR from the Democratic Faction in the DPR. The former regent of South Tapanuli for the 2005-2010 period replaces Jhoni Allen Marbun, whose dismissal from parliament has been determined by Presidential Decree Joko […]

4 Things about Alleged Obscenity Related to Legislators in Senayan

Jakarta – A member of the DPR was again dragged into a case of alleged sexual abuse. This time, a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives with the initials DK was reported to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police regarding cases of alleged sexual abuse in Jakarta, Semarang, Central Java, and Lamongan, […]

Capital of 3 New Papua Provinces: Merauke, Nabire and Jayawijaya

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Papua New Autonomous Region (DOB) Bill Working Committee DPR have agreed on capital cities for three new provinces in Papua. The three capital cities are Merauke Regency for South Papua Province, Nabire Regency for Central Papua Province, and Jayawijaya Regency for Mountain Papua Province. “On June 27, 2022, the Panja […]

Follow-up Meeting to Discuss 3 Bill on the Expansion of Papua in DPR Held Closed

Jakarta – The working committee (Panja) of three draft laws (RUU) on the formation of a new province in Papua again held a meeting with the government. The meeting was held behind closed doors. Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the DPR Ahmad Doli Kurnia opened the meeting as chairman. Doli said the meeting was […]