Record gamma-ray blast hit Earth

Supernova as a cause? 22. October 2022 17:12 Robert Klatt High-energy gamma-ray burst GRB 221009A )vog.asan(retsecieL for ytisrevinU) eromdraeB .A/tfiwS/ASAN :tiderCA900122 BRG hcurbsuanelhartsammaG rehciereigrenE(Photo: © The earth was recently overwhelmed by a Record gamma-ray explosion with an energy of 18 teraelectronvolts met Because the gamma-ray burst is in only 2.4 billion light years away occurs, […]

Anthoni Salim Sells DNET Rp 2.6 T, Redeems BUMI Rp 13 T

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indofood boss Anthoni Salim has recently been stealing the spotlight with his maneuvers. While joining PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI), Salim also reduced his ownership in the parent company Indomaret. The business group led by Anthoni Salim, PT Megah Eraraharja reduced its shareholding in PT Indoritel Makmur Indonesia Tbk (DNET).Based on […]

Space: Nasa mission finds life on Mars

Pasadena – The Mars rover “Perseverance” has found the clearest evidence of life on Mars so far during its mission in space. This was announced by the mission leaders of the US space agency Nasa in Pasadena, California. According to an official statement, the finds of the “Perseverance” are spectacular. Specifically, it is about finds […]

Video.. Monitoring the largest explosion in space that swept the Earth

On October 9, astronomers appeared, “a very bright flash, indicating the occurrence of the largest explosion ever identified in the universe so far, and it was so enormous that what it released from the “gamma” rays known as the most intense form of electromagnetic radiation, as well as from the enormous energy , swept the […]

NASA postpones the return of the Dragon spacecraft to Earth again

NASA announced that it has decided to postpone the date of the return of the Crew Dragon spacecraft to Earth due to bad weather conditions in the landing area of ​​the vehicle. Last Thursday, the agency indicated in a tweet on its Twitter page that it and SpaceX decided to postpone the date of the […]

What have you done, Icardi! Here is the effect of Wanda Nara…

Argentinian star Mauro Icardi, who joined Galatasaray in the summer transfer period and has not fallen off the agenda with his ups and downs with his wife Wanda Nara since the day he arrived, started the Kayserispor away game in the first 11 games. While wondering how Icardi’s performance would be after the turbulent relationship […]

Crisis to crisis, Bakrie’s story of ‘7 Lives of Cats’ Healthy EARTH

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The story of growing, developing, falling, rising, then ruling again in a business journey is a cycle cliché. However, when that wheel of destiny belongs to a three generation conglomerate that moves like roal coaster will be an interesting story to listen to. This is the twist of a man who […]