Economy, trade & finance: Foreign exchange: Euro increases again

The dollar fell against all major currencies. The positive mood on the financial markets over the past few days had weighed on the world’s leading currency. The new stimulus package passed by US President Donald Trump contributed to this. The euro and the British pound also benefited from the trade agreement between the European Union […]

Washington State spends its own money

Washington Governeur Jay Inslee Nearly 100,000 independent contractors, temps and self-employed would be paid $ 550 per person over the coming week. (Photo: AP) Washington Because of the blockade of the Corona aid package, the US state of Washington is stepping into the breach with support payments to those in need. Nearly 100,000 independent contractors, […]

These are 11 symptoms of low sugar levels to watch out for

KONTAN.CO.ID – Just like high blood sugar, low blood sugar can also be a dangerous condition. The condition of the body when blood sugar is too low is known as hypoglycemia in the medical world. Summarize Health Line, hypoglycemia mainly affects diabetics, especially those who use treatment methods with insulin therapy. In addition to diabetes […]

Recurrent uric acid? Try to reduce it in 6 ways

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Moment recurrent uric acid, the sufferer will feel a bout of pain that can cause pain and discomfort. Reporting from WebMD, the condition when gout recurs is known as gouty arthritis. Gout symptoms begin with a burning, itching, or tingling feeling in the joints an hour or two before the onset of […]

Which regions come out of the crisis best

Bleak prospects? The coronavirus is also casting its shadow on economic growth. (Photo: Smetek) The letter V shows the optimists in the corona crisis. V is for Victory. And at the same time, the V describes the best possible economic development in the pandemic: The sharp economic slump in the second quarter of 2020 will […]

Eurotunnel and Port of Dover too

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called a crisis meeting for his government this Monday. A “steady flow of freight” to and from Great Britain must be ensured. Due to the closure of the important connections, the pressure on freight traffic between Great Britain and the EU in particular will increase even more. In any case, there […]

Northern Ireland expert fears further division after Brexit

Northern Ireland – like the rest of the UK – is in a severe recession because of the corona pandemic. The Brexit effects could exacerbate this. In the Brexit negotiations between Great Britain and the EU, Northern Ireland was a particularly contentious point from the start. The border between the EU country Ireland and the […]

Note, 4 kidney stone drugs according to the type of disease

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Many kidney stones attack people aged 40 years and over. Kidney stones are hard objects that are formed from chemicals in the urine. What is the kidney stone medicine like? Launching the official website of the National Kidney Foundation, kidney stones form when urine contains too much waste but minimal fluid. Under […]

Economy, trade & finance: ROUNDUP 2: Cyber ​​attack on government alarms USA

WASHINGTON The US agency for cyber and infrastructure security (CISA) classifies the latest hacker attack on American government institutions as “serious danger”. It announced in a warning on Thursday that the removal of the attacker from affected systems will likely be “highly complex”. The cyber attack has been going on since at least March. The […]

Russia is helplessly exposed to the corona crisis and the oil price

Vladimir Putin’s press conference The Kremlin chief likes to act as a warning. But he is primarily to blame for the miserable situation in his home country. (Photo: AP) To put it cynically, one could say: Russia is not even enough to have a real dictatorship. In contrast to neighboring China, the huge empire has […]