“Current infection figures create devilish dilemma” – Wel.nl

The corona virus is spreading again, but still mainly among young people. It was reason for the cabinet to tighten up the corona rules a bit, but not to go all out. Experts explain to the NOS that we are at a difficult point in the epidemic, but that something needs to change. “There is […]

‘The penis is the canary in the coal mine’ – Wel.nl

Men with erectile dysfunction only want one thing: for him to do it again. And thanks to pills, it is usually not that complicated. That is why erectile dysfunction is insufficiently researched, says Professor Guy T’Sjoen (UZ Gent), who is famous in Belgium as a doctor of men’s ailments. “In any case, it pays to […]

After a cyber attack: passport data from 12,000 Germans online

Hackers have posted passport data of hundreds of thousands of people online. Among them are 12,000 Germans. The data comes from the immigration authorities of Argentina. Identity theft threatens. Von Maximilian Zierer and Ivo Marusczyk, BR The attack occurred on August 27, 2020: around 7 a.m., numerous border guards reported to the IT support of […]

Confinement drags on in New York, the city’s future in question

May 15, 2020 CORONAVIRUS 4 min Economic and cultural capital of the United States, New York still cannot see the end of the tunnel, raising growing doubts about the future of this metropolis. After two months of a confinement which has just been extended, the city of New York, economic and cultural capital of the […]

Governments to spend more called on Christine Lagarde – Economics

The Governor of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde called on governments to spend more to support the eurozone economy, which has fallen into recession due to the coronavirus crisis, Reuters reported. In his speech at the annual meeting with the Arab central banks, Lagarde drew attention to the importance of continuing employment support schemes. […]

The Dutch plasma medicine is also not doing well – Wel.nl

Sanquin blood bank has encountered a major setback in the collection of blood plasma for the production of a corona drug. The amount of antibodies in that plasma is declining faster than hoped for. That writes the AD. The intention was to recruit 16,000 donors, people who have been infected with corona and therefore have […]

The coronavirus also threatens your brain – Wel.nl

In March, we thought the coronavirus was causing lung problems. Now – almost 7 months later – we know that it is a many-headed monster that can take care of your whole body. There is now also a threat to the brain. How the virus enters the brain is not clear. But about half of […]

Why the price of smartphones has risen in recent years

When they were launched in 2014, the then iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models were priced from 300 to 500 euros.And now the latest generation phones end up costing over 1000 euros. What is the cause of the increase in prices? 1. The first is technological advancement. Smartphones today are much more powerful. This has led […]