Mayor of Nuevo Chimbote would go to jail for up to 8 years for collecting irregular gratification | ÁNCASH | The industry

The General Comptroller of the Republic is targeting the District Municipality of Nuevo Chimbote, especially to Mayor Domingo Caldas, for the distribution of bonuses that … Read more

BOLA – PSP reveals operation around the MB Way (Crime) application

The Police of Public Security announced, this Friday, that it developed an operation to combat the crime practiced using the MB WAY application, in the … Read more

Dokkum’s group of friends becomes infected in the open air –

In Dokkum, fourteen young people have become infected with the corona virus. That most likely happened on a terrace. It means that you can easily … Read more

Began the delivery of the Bond against the Economic War through the Carnet de la Patria

This Thursday, the Carnet de la Patria reported through its social networks that from August 6, 2020, the delivery of the Bond against the Economic … Read more