These are the bizarre tax sins in your state

A bank that costs almost 81,000 euros – or rescued hamsters for more than two million euros. In the new black book, the taxpayers’ association denounces the waste of public money. An app in which french fries grin at the user, an advertising tower that nobody sees, a hotel for European hamsters – all of […]

take vitamin D against corona –

Now that the coronavirus is getting really close for many people, it is time to pull out all the stops. Taking vitamin D would reduce the risk of getting infected. If the virus does get you, the chance may be smaller that you will become very ill. So say immunology professors, scientists and doctors in […]

Hong Seok-cheon, a warehoused house after the household closes?… Miraculous change

[엑스포츠뉴스 황수연 기자] After the store closed, Hong Seok-cheon’s house, which was full of junk like a warehouse, was neatly organized. On the 26th aired on tvN’s’Quick Summary’, universal entertainer Hong Seok-cheon appeared as a guest. On that day, Hong Seok-cheon’s house was filled with items he received from nearby acquaintances, including the frying pan […]

Why do they lose money with the sale of consoles

A few days after the launch of the new generation of consoles, the two giants of the entertainment world prepare to “lose” revenue The PS5s will “contribute negatively to the revenue” of Sony in the coming months. It was confirmed these days by Hiroki Totoki, CFO of the company, who thus recognized – although he […]

Eva Jinek felt ‘very bad’ after giving birth Pax –

Eva Jinek thought that two years ago after giving birth to her son Pax, she would never be the same again. Last night she said on her own talk show that she was very sick. Her outpouring was based on the story of Chahinda Ghossein-Doha, who researched placentas and discovered that it contains a lot […]

Federal Environment Agency: More and more packaging waste |

The consumption of packaging in Germany continues to rise – it rose again in 2018 to a record high of 18.9 million tons. Every single citizen produced a calculated 227.5 kilograms of packaging waste. The coffee to take away, the dinner from the delivery service, the yoghurt in small single portions: In 2018, more packaging […]

Liverpool and Suburbia sales restricted

Although department stores such as Suburbia and Liverpool did not close operations with the reversal of the epidemiological red light in Ciudad Juárez, they did limit the sale of some items. Both chains keep the clothing, footwear, perfumery and other departments area cordoned off to prevent people from touching or trying them on. Only the […]

Poor Brexit Britons – they even have to pay extra for umbrellas – economy

Export slump, inflation, bankruptcy wave … A hard Brexit without a trade deal with the European Union will be bitter – for Great Britain. Because now it comes out: In addition to alcohol, vinegar and hats, umbrellas are also becoming more expensive. What a prospect for a place where it often rains cats and dogs. […]

Christmas and Corona: Very “Silent Night” in the Vatican

Christmas will look different this year: Due to Corona, the Pope is only planning the celebrations in the Vatican in a small circle. And in Germany many Christmas markets have already been canceled. Because of the corona pandemic, Pope Francis will hold this year’s Christmas celebrations “in private” and broadcast them online. This emerges from […]