Comprehensive Medical Care Operation benefits Ramo Verde families in Los Teques

The Guaicaipuro Mayor’s Office, through the Health Directorate, carried out a comprehensive medical care session in the community of Ramo Verde, in Los Teques, Miranda state. During the day, the specialties of general medicine, pediatrics were offered and vaccines against influenza, polio, hepatitis, pentavalent and tetanus toxoid were applied. According to a press release from […]

Arsenal will no longer release Aubameyang for the national team!

The mishap of the Gabonese national team in The Gambia on the eve of their match against the host country did not go unnoticed. CAF was officially seized of the incident. But not only. Arsenal entered the line. Angry, the English club not only threatened but decided not to release his player Aubameyang to join […]

Mexico brings the world’s largest legal cannabis market one step closer | NOW

The Mexican Senate has approved the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. If Congress also approves this proposal later this year, Mexico will become the largest market for legal weed in the world. Companies such as Canadian Canopy Growth, The Green Organic Dutchman and Medical Marijuana from the US state of California have already expressed […]

The scourges of humanity – part 16: Spanish flu – Regensburger Nachrichten

Ever since mankind settled down, they have castigated civilization: infectious diseases. All of these plagues should not only remind us of what the unhindered spread of a new virus can do, but should also make us aware of the value of vaccination to modern civilization. Every Saturday in our series we introduce you to an […]

Morocco at risk of banking system depression for three years, S&P warns

In its latest report dated November 17, Standard and Poor’s points out that due to the Covid-19 crisis, six countries on the continent – Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – will face risks high in their banking systems for at least three years. Standard and Poor’s thus identifies four main risks that […]

Unusual concerts are a burden: CTS Eventim slips into the red

Thursday 19th November 2020 The whole of Europe is frozen in Corona, concerts and sporting events are not taking place. The concert promoter and ticket marketer CTS Eventim is feeling this hard. The figures on the nine-month balance are deep red. A lack of income from concerts, festivals and major events as a result of […]

Pandemic in the USA: More than a quarter of a million corona deaths

US experts warn of a “dangerous point” in the corona pandemic: the number of deaths related to the virus has exceeded 250,000. In addition, there is the strongest increase in new infections to date. Since the corona pandemic began, more than a quarter of a million people have died after being infected with the virus. […]