The players of al poder

When I think of Nero, the image of Peter Ustinov, lyre at the ready, while Rome burns, comes to mind. When I think of Elon Musk, too. His masked face makes a great impression on me, as much or more than that of Berlusconi trying to blink carefully so as not to ruin his lifting. […]

from the Porsche of Olona to the timeshare house of Teresa Rodríguez

From Macarena Olona’s Porsche Panamera to Teresa Rodríguez’s bus ticket, who does the Cádiz-Seville “at Comes”, as she has said more than once. More or less there would be the extremes of how much each candidate for the presidency of the Andalusian Government has. The fact that the main headliners of the regional elections on […]

The Covid passport will decay in Andalusia from Tuesday

The Minister of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, announced this Saturday that the rule that requires having the Covid passport in the region to access nightlife, hospitality, health and social health establishments will decline this Tuesday. “On the 15th (this Tuesday) the extension that was requested for the Covid passport […]

The urban art that integrates young immigrants in southern Italy

Jadhav *, 18, from Bangladesh, arrived in Italy 10 months ago, but is still haunted by memories of his journey across the Mediterranean Sea alongside human smugglers. The Prosecutor’s Office warns of the “worrying” and “unjustified” criminalization of unaccompanied foreign minors Know more “There were 156 people in a small boat. There were women and […]