Health and wellness companies in Bogotá and Cundinamarca are well served

Built under the premise of being workspaces to strengthen the skills and abilities of companies and their human talent, adding value to their production chains to take advantage of and generate new market opportunities, the cluster initiatives in the Health, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Wellness have been consolidated within the program led by the Bogotá Chamber […]

the heat wave makes the ascent of Mont Blanc more dangerous than ever

Throughout the Alps, many guides refuse to venture into the big climbs because of the conditions that have become too perilous. Gaping crevices, falling rocks like fridges “. In this year marked by drought and heat waves, access to many emblematic peaks of the Alps, such as Mont Cervin and Mont Blanc, is becoming particularly […]

A tax that interprets the economic climate

The stick is not there to make spoons and the political country must know how to read the economic and social country. The growth of the Gross Domestic Product for this year is estimated to be above 6%; last year it was 10.8% and between January and March the figures were surprising when they reached […]

The stars criticize the new version of Instagram

Instagram is looking to get closer to TikTok, to experience the same success since TikTok is the application of the moment. So, Instagram multiplies the updates. Meta’s app copies TikTok in both interface and content. For example, the app focuses on Reels. These little videos are the success of TikTok, and Instagram wants to use […]

Philippine President “Don’t Give Up Territory”, Announces Infrastructure Investment and Agricultural Strengthening | Reuters

On July 25, President Marcos of the Philippines delivered his first policy speech after taking office, stating that he would focus on sound financial management, infrastructure investment, and strengthening growth potential in the agricultural sector. Representative photo taken in Manila (2022 Reuters) [マニラ 25日 ロイター] –On the 25th, President Marcos of the Philippines gave his […]

Covid-19 in Vietnam: 1,460 new contaminations this Tuesday | Health

Hanoi (VNA) – Over the past 24 hours, Vietnam has recorded 1,460 new Sars-CoV-2 infections. Photo : VNA This Tuesday, July 26, no deaths were reported, and 7,071 patients were declared cured, bringing the number of recoveries to 9,874,075 since the start of the epidemic, while 46 other patients required respiratory assistance. As for deaths, […]

“Blood ran down the street”

Another tragic weekend for the people of Cantabria who live in rural areas and who feed their families with what they collect from the fields, either from the garden, or from their farmyard, with their flock of sheep, goats or chickens. Now the wolves attack in their own pens, entering urban areas, private property, up […]

A promising treatment for diabetes

An international team of scientists has just unveiled a new treatment for type 2 diabetes. In a press release, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) made public, on Wednesday July 13, the results of a study coordinated by researcher Vincent Marion from the Inserm/University of Strasbourg medical genetics laboratory, in collaboration with […]

The books that were adapted to TV and generate strong numbers

Currently, the variety of television programs available is increasingly wide. For this reason, the most recent ranking of the magazine Rolling Stone brings together ten of the best books that were made into movies, which you can add to your reading list, and then to your streaming queue. In the list you will find everything […]