A Frenchman violently leaves the road at the end of a ramp in Philippeville

Sambre Meuse Sambre Meuse News Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 7:13 p.m. By J.-L. P. This Wednesday around 6 p.m., firefighters in the Dinaphi area had to intervene 100 meters from the Philippeville barracks, rue de Namur, where a French driver violently got off the road. He is hurt. A traffic accident occurred […]

ONLINE: Extreme downpours do not cease. The river rises in the northeast

Just before noon, the Czech HYDROMETEOROLOGICAL institute has warned that the level Bystřičky on Vsetínsku in the locality of Bystřička over a tank any second exceeds the third degree of flood activity. Forecasters mitigate around half 11 in the morning alert before the rain and floods. Very heavy rain threatens in the Sunday six o’clock […]

Serious Sam 4: release month, trailer and gameplay for the new PC game and Stadia

The last time we heard of Serious Sam, it was with Serious Sam Collection on Stadia. However, alongside the portages and spin off, Croteam has another very big project in the boxes: Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. The title was introduced by a teaser badass (necessarily) in 2018, but we didn’t have that much detail […]

Radioactive C-14 leaked in Garching

Garching Radioactivity has leaked out at the FRM II research reactor in Garching near Munich. The annual limit value of the radioactive nuclide C-14 had been exceeded, said the Technical University of Munich as operator on its website. A “slight excess” of the value specified in the operating license for the C-14 discharge via the […]

Activision confirms the upcoming release of two games based on known franchises

Activision had promised us a new Call of duty, remasters and remakes for 2020 during its last financial report. Nothing has been announced since, but executives have reviewed the financial health of the company with their investors, and clarify a little what they said. So the next Call of duty is still planned for this […]

Coronavirus. The temptation to go out is growing

The seams crack. The need to get some fresh air and run the store is growing. And this is what pushes many French people to go out more in recent days, while complying with the instructions of the government. There is actually more people on the streets recognized, this Sunday, the Minister of the Interior […]

Coronavirus. Marianne Faithfull is out of the hospital

“We are really pleased to announce that Marianne was discharged from hospital today, 22 days after being admitted with symptoms of Covid-19”said the Twitter account of the 1960s rock icon on Wednesday evening. “She will continue her recovery in London”, the publication continues. We are really happy to say that Marianne has been discharged from […]

in Iceland, mass screening as a way out of the crisis

In Iceland, the government has not imposed nationwide containment. In contrast, more than one in ten people have been tested to find out if they have contracted the coronavirus. This is almost ten times more than in South Korea and 17 times more than in France (1). This massive screening measure was orchestrated by the […]

Does the virus accelerate the end of the car-friendly city?

Berlin So far, Berlin has not been seen as a city that is driving a consequent turn in traffic. The red-red-green Senate is painstakingly working through its 2018 Mobility Act, which is also supposed to motivate people to switch to bus, train, cycling and foot traffic for reasons of climate protection. The corona crisis of […]