Family Petty, Trump is not in use songs – Last Time

(ANSA) WASHINGTON, 22 JUNE – the family of The deceased musician american Tom Petty has cautioned formally Donald Trump from use in his campaign, the song ‘I Won’t Back Down’, as made in the rally at the Tulsa. A campaign, have written on Twitter, which “has left behind too many americans and the good sense”. […]

A low blow! Greedy fans earn šlechetném gesture of Sparta

The ad a self-serving fan… repro Twitter @lukas_pecene Tickets for Pilsen are for the most loyal fans of de facto free. Symbolic 5 crowns represents the handling fee of the sales network. A noble gesture of Sparta, however, calculating, supporters dropped off after her. And on the online bazaar soon appeared two unique tickets for […]

Ferran Palau, vermouth with his fans | Culture

“I guess you must be fed up with shelves, plaster walls, pajamas… so I put on something fancy,” said Ferran Palau yesterday, a plaid shirt over a white T-shirt and his red cap, with a plant on the floor. behind, when he sat down to start his concert… from home. With this homemade performance, which […]

They show us what PS5 cases would look like if they were made of cardboard

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 04/15/2020 7:45 pm Sony continues to remain silent about any news that shows us any physical detail of the Playstation 5And this includes, of course, their games. The Japanese giant’s silence is forcing fans to create their own interpretations of what official products might look like in their final version. […]