The last reaction! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the reaction of a Mexican channel reporter when a Mexican fan told him that he was from Qatari security. In the video, the Mexican fan appeared, wearing a thawb, a ghutra and a headband, trying to cut off the broadcast of the Mexican channel on the grounds that he […]

France is talking to Switzerland again

According to the ambassador, these include the project of the European Political Community – ie an institutionalized European exchange with non-EU countries – as well as specific border region problems. France’s border region with Switzerland is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers because of the higher wages in this country, Journès said in an interview […]

Brazil as a touchstone for the defensive

The game against the Brazilians, who celebrated spectacular high-speed football in their opening 2-0 win against Serbia, is something of a free shot for Murat Yakin’s side: they can afford to lose without losing their good starting position. Yakin could therefore avoid risks and conserve energy with a view to Serbia. However, he confirmed the […]

Mexican fan walks in Qatar with the famous sound of “old iron” Halftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 19.11.2022 18:13:40 Thousands of Mexican fans will be at the Qatar World Cup 2022 and there are already many who have come to this country, and of course, they give it the Aztec touch. And it is that a Mexican fan walked through the streets of Qatar with a horn […]

Crazy bet could make a fan rich – if France becomes world champion

Nov 7, 2022 at 8:03 am Already predicted six championships : Wrong bet could make a fan rich – if France becomes world champion 16 images World Cup 2022 – stadiums and venues in Qatar Foto: HASH(0x29a028a8) Düsseldorf If France becomes soccer world champion, the corks should really pop for a fan. He has already […]

Preparing children for the high-tech world

Hammering, milling, programming, designing, soldering: for a week, a total of around 170 schoolchildren (3rd to 6th grade) can discover the world of technology and computer science in a playful way. Instructed by apprentices from the companies involved and students from the Graubünden University of Education, the children and young people try things out, experiment […]

Lugano, Kloten and SCL Tigers amaze

With his first two goals of the season and a total of four scorer points, Lugano’s Mark Arcobello led his team to a liberating blow against the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers. The weakest home team in the league so far celebrated only their third home win and their second win in the last seven games. The Lakers […]