Expanding the network PC market layout, Qualcomm announced the third generation of Snapdragon 8cx, 7c+ processors-Page 1-Computer gaming related discussion area

[This article comes from: Mashdigi] It was announced a few days ago that it will use NUVIA technology to build the next generation of Snapdragon processors, and after reinvesting in fully autonomous architecture design and development, Qualcomm will update the third generation of Snapdragon 8cx (Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3) at the Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021 […]

Viña Ardanza’s cooperation project obtains the CaixaBank Solidarity Award

Representatives of La Rioja Alta SA during the awards ceremony. / R.A The Viña Ardanza Solidario cooperation program has been awarded in the fourth edition of the CaixaBank Solidarity Awards held yesterday in Madrid. The initiative promoted by La Rioja Alta, SA, which shares the recognition with the Ave Maria Foundation, has prevailed over the […]

Because of ETB 3, the Navarrese children will call La Rioja “Erriotxa”

The UPN deputy began Sergio Sayas cackling that the agreement to attract the children’s channel ETB 3 throughout Navarra sought to “reset the brains” of the children of the Autonomous Community. The tontuna of the regionalist zascandil has remained in the pinch of a nun next to the dialectical vomit of a scribe named Mayte […]

Snapdragon 898 flagship Moto Edge 30 Ultra revealed

In recent years, Motorola, which has mainly launched mid-to-low-end mobile phones, is said to be launching a flagship mobile phone with the Snapdragon 898 processor at the end of the year or early next year. Chen Jin, general manager of the mobile phone business of Motorola’s parent company Lenovo in China, confirmed earlier that the […]

More real spy photos of the Galaxy S22 Ultra reproduce the Note body design

The whistleblower Jon Prosser recently published a number of spy photos claiming to be the Galaxy S22 Ultra on its FrontPageTech website. If the phone in the photo is true, I believe Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note series will be sent to the grave. For Note series supporters, including the moderator Huzai, this […]

At the beginning of next year, Huawei announced the folding machine Mate X3 and the Mate 50 equipped with the 4G version of S898-Page 1-HUAWEI Discussion Forum

Although Huawei’s chip procurement is still difficult, their new mobile phone products will continue to be launched. It is currently reported that the third-generation folding machine Mate X3 will be released at the beginning of the year, and the business flagship series will also be launched Mate 50, but although Mate 50 will be equipped […]

No one wants the tasteless frequency band!Government 2021 mobile communication spectrum auction results, the four major network operators are the losers-ePrice.HK Mobile Edition

The Hong Kong government announced the results of the latest round of mobile communications spectrum auctions, which were 600MHz, 700MHz, 850MHz, 2600MHz and 4.9GHz. Some of them are the 4G frequency bands currently used by the four major network operators. After this re-auction, some of them will be shuffled in 2024. Simply put, it will […]

Here’s Why Employees Fail in Business, Mistakes to Avoid

The topic “my Ken on the side” to allude to other sources of income besides his salary, was on the menu of discussions. In front of more than 300 employees, the successful coach in entrepreneurship and job search, Vincent Kadjo commonly known as VK enumerated the reasons that make employees fail in their business initiatives. […]

Near Lyon, a nurse suspended for lack of vaccination will receive the medal of

“Looks like a 1is avril » : a nurse, suspended by a clinic in the Lyon region for lack of anti-covid vaccination, will receive a long service medal from her employer for her twenty years of service, reports this Friday, October 29 Progress. Aged 46 and domiciled in the Loire, the nurse was suspended in […]

DJI Action 2 photos out, new body design materials released this Wednesday

DJI said earlier that it will release new products on October 27th and November 5th. The latest news is that the most likely to be released this Wednesday is the DJI Action 2 action camera. The website PhotoRumors has uploaded several images recently, which is believed to be DJI Action. 2 official product photos, and […]