How machismo in medicine costs women health

First modification: 26/11/2021 – 19:48 Gender biases in science and health have serious consequences for women and diverse identities. There are diseases that are invisible or overmedicated, such as endometriosis, while others, such as cardiovascular diseases, have been studied almost exclusively on male bodies. We review the main sexist violence in health. Sexist violence is […]

Live sexist violence in the first person through theater

It is not the same to hear it from outside than to experience it in the first person. It has more impact if the aggression is against oneself, if the injustice is towards a loved one or if the life with which the violence ends is that of someone close. For this reason, from Hortzmuga […]

Gender pardon

The law must always be applied rigorously. This maxim should not be flagged or remembered; however, we are living in a time of discrimination. It is discriminated by reason of the call gender. The so-called positive discrimination It is the one that tries to compensate the female gender for the historical subjection suffered by the […]

Feminism ǀ Too old, too fat, too small? – Friday

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the whole country? ”Which child does not know the question of the evil queen in“ Snow White ”? The fairy tale is intended to teach children where vanity can lead. But you could also read it differently: With it, children are trained from an […]

Thekla Dannenberg and Michael Kienzl – film reviews of Bergman Island by Mia Hansen-Løve and the documentary Zuhurs Töchter by Laurentia Genske and Robin Humboldt – In the cinema

On the island of Fårö, high up off the Swedish Baltic coast, has Ingmar Bergman shot his masterpieces: “Scenes of a Marriage”, “Persona”, “As in a Mirror”. For the director, the island was a source of inspiration and a refuge in life crises. Fifty years later, Tony and Chris come to Fårö, not to cope […]

Not a third of top artists and only 6% of DJs: women in the music industry

Aitana, Billie Eilish, Rozalén … There are many women’s names that can come to mind when talking about music. However, not all that glitters is gold and, like almost all aspects of society, in the music industry there is also machismo. Precisely, although it seems that they triumph more than they, it is not like […]

The Theses: Our success is global because sexist violence is universal

28 Oct 2021 – 12:25 p. m. The Chilean collective became world famous in November 2019 after performing the performance “El violador eres tu”. The Chilean collective Las Tesis, creator of the performance “Un violador en tu camino”, which ended up becoming a global anthem of feminism, premieres in the Andalusian city of Cádiz, for the […]

93 women to 603 men: feminism in DAX companies

Berlin – More women than usual made the leap to the top floor of listed companies in Germany this year. As of September 1, there were 25 women on the board of directors more than in the previous year, according to a study by the non-profit Allbright Foundation published on Wednesday. It is the largest […]