PORTRAIT. Anne Sylvestre, it was feminism in song

It was a spring Sunday at the end of the afternoon, April 15, 2018, and Anne Sylvestre was performing under the Magic Mirror at the Mythos festival in Rennes. A room packed with 700 people like his song tour entitled 60 years old already? White heads, high 40s to Fabulettes for children, young people discovering […]

Death of the US judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg: RBG leaves a gap

The US constitutional judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg had the status of a pop star even before her death. Rightly so: she was a feminist icon. In times of social shift to the right, it was a glimmer of hope Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters These days, social media is full of gifs, memes, and quotes […]

Drew Barrymore turns 45 and shows us what he has learned from his physical changes

Updated 02/20/2020 2:36 PM From looking in the mirror and crying to assuming the physical changes you have experienced in your life and learning from them. The lesson of body positive that has promulgated Drew Barrymore on your Instagram account teaches us to love each other more, whatever the physical aspect. To the posture that […]

The Government insists that the IACHR report lacks objectivity

Cecilia Chacón, Secretary of Human Rights, said that the decision to send a letter to the IACHR cannot be read as an ultimatum to the indigenous leadership. Photo: Twitter of the Secretariat for Human Rights. Sandra Cruz / Quito The Presidency of the Republic, the Chancellery and the Office of the Attorney General of the […]

Medicine intern commits suicide in a Yucatan clinic

TAHDZIÚ, Yuc. (apro) .- The State Secretariat of Health (SSY) confirmed the suicide of a young medical intern at the Medical Unit of this town. The victim, identified with the initials KJGK, 25 years old, was originally from Mérida, and for about a month she was assigned by the Institute of Health and Wellbeing (Insabi) […]

“Musicians and medicine”, by Dr. Adolfo Martínez Palomo

MEXICO CITY (proces.com.mx) .– When the bicentennial of the death of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart was commemorated in 1991, the Mexican doctor, scientist and academic Adolfo Martínez Palomo (1941) began the bibliographic search, writing and public presentation of the texts now published by El Colegio Nacional in fourteen double installments. This new compact format series includes […]

Russia supplies medicine against covid-19 to Latin America without including Mexico

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the ChemRar Group have agreed to supply 17 countries with Avifavir, Russia’s first drug approved for the treatment of covid-19. Among the nations that have the drug are 11 from Latin America, which is not included Mexico. According to a statement posted on the […]

Domestic violence lawyer: “Existing laws are sufficient”

The Berlin criminal law attorney Christina Clemm represents women who experience domestic violence in court. Now she has written a book about it. Red shoes as a symbol for murdered women in Mexico Photo: Fernando Llano / dpa taz: Ms. Clemm, if you read your recently published book “Filing Inspection” about cases of domestic and […]

students are launched against the UADY after suicide of medical intern

MERIDA, Yuc. (appro). – Students from the Faculty of Medicine once again attacked the authorities of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY), this time due to the recent suicide of one of their colleagues at the Tahdziú clinic, where she was doing her residency. For reasons presumably related to her career, the young intern, KJGK, […]

First and second grade patients

The pandemic has shown us the excruciating reality that we live as a country in terms of health, warns Dr. Andrés Castañeda Prado. With updated figures, the specialist shows that the highest incidence of patients dying from covid occurs in public hospitals, in some of which there are even first and second beds for the […]