The film about Karel Gott arouses huge emotions: Iva Janžurová escaped from the cinema!

“Mrs. Ivana Gottová decided to make an official public appearance for the first time on October 1, symbolically on the anniversary of Karel Gott’s death, and thus on the day of the ceremonial premiere of Karel. The director of Febiofest, Mr. Kamil Spáčil, personally apologized for today’s absence. she fully respects and understands the decision, […]

Ivana Gottová is slowly returning to life: The first words of the most famous widow!

“During his lifetime, Karel wrote his autobiography, which he gradually composed of a mosaic of memories, edited and corresponded over the last few years. It is unique and unique. he would be satisfied to the last detail, “Ivana Gottová addressed her husband’s fans through Instagram. Gott explained to enthusiastic readers why she had to postpone […]

Free Netflix, movies and TV series in streaming without a subscription

Surprise move of Netflix to attract new users: an interesting selection of original productions which can be used completely free of charge even without having an account (this is the link). Not the first time that the streaming giant decides to free some content for promotional purposes, but that it came to include them in […]

Cinema: Anglet offers a free outdoor screening

The Deeply Pro Anglet (QS 1,500) accompanied by his famous Night Surf, should have been held this week, from August 25 to 30. For obvious reasons due to the pandemic which has swept away all the competitions scheduled for 2020, the Gloy was forced to cancel his own. The Anglet town hall nevertheless wished to […]

Gere, guys work on wisdom and compassion – Culture & Entertainment

“I’m glad to see so many of you wearing masks. In this pandemic, I lost two people I really cared about, my acting coach, and another friend who was a music producer. Please be careful, it’s a very serious matter.” . Richard Gere says this in the meeting of about 40 minutes in live streaming […]