Cinema: is there a future in the cinema?

In 125 years of existence, the film industry has never experienced a crisis like the one it has been going through since the arrival of the pandemic. In 2020, American cinema saw its attendance drop by 80%. Two of the largest cinema networks across the Atlantic are on the verge of bankruptcy. In France, where […]

▷ “Die Toten von Salzburg”: ZDF shows new case of “Schwanengesang”

22.01.2021 – 15:29 ZDF Mainz (ots) Major Peter Palfinger (Florian Teichtmeister) and Detective Chief Inspector Hubert Mur (Michael Fitz) investigate as a stubborn German-Austrian duo in their sixth case: In “Die Toten von Salzburg – Schwanengesang” the power-hungry conductor of the Salzburg Altorchester is found dead in the hot tub of a thermal spa hotel […]

″ I saw Putin’s palace from the inside ″ | Europe | DW

The latest film by Alexej Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) is making waves on YouTube. In just two days, the clip received more than 40 million views. Its content is quite explosive: under the title “A palace for Putin. The story of the greatest bribery”, the film shows details of a magnificent property on the Russian […]

Bear hall in the house of the interior administration: video with epilogue

Berlin (dpa / bb) – The historic Bärensaal in the building of the Berlin interior administration may only be rented with the consent of the authority for filming and events. A spokesman for the interior administration said on Thursday. The “Berliner Morgenpost” had previously reported that a rapper video was recorded in the central hall […]

Despite Corona: Many films and series are made in Hamburg | – Nachrichten – Hamburg

Status: 16.01.2021 8:04 p.m. Hamburg’s film industry had a tough year because of the corona pandemic. Film sets need hygiene consultants, the measures make shooting several tens of thousands more expensive. Nevertheless, many cinema productions are planned. In times of the corona lockdown, gastronomy and culture are still on a standstill. Nothing works live. Movies […]

35 years ago today I Opening of the Lyonel Feininger Gallery in Quedlinburg

In March 1984, 49 paintings by Lyonel Feininger arrived in New York. Almost at the same time, the cultural department of the Quedlinburg district council drafted a “draft resolution”. It says: “With the formation and establishment of the Lyonel-Feininger-Galerie, our socialist society ensures the preservation, maintenance, development and protection of the Lyonel-Feininger collection in Quedlinburg […]

Master Cheng in the North River, Seenland Oder-Spree, Altlandsberg

MASTER CHENG IN POHJANJOKIin the cinema from July 30th, 2020The current venues / cinemas can be found HERE.In search of an old Finnish friend, the Chinese chef Cheng travels to a remote village in Lapland. When he arrives, nobody in the village seems to know his friend, but the local café owner Sirkka offers him […]