Promotion could probably be stopped again

house building The demand for KfW funding for energy-efficient houses is high – but the funds are apparently tight. (Photo: dpa) Berlin A new debacle is imminent in government subsidies for energy-saving houses. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) had to stop the program of the state KfW development bank twice because there was […]

Spotify will support independent open source projects

The Spotify team launched the “Free and Open Source Software Fund”, a fund to support independent open source software projects. A fund that starts with an initial amount of 100 thousand euros to measure the impact that this initiative can have. So Spotify could extend this financial help in the future. New Spotify fund to […]

Cultural Education | science.

Cultural education teaches a variety of skills that have a positive impact on very different areas of life and it can play a major role in personality development. It’s about creativity, team spirit, effort and pride in what has been achieved. These experiences are made possible through participation in a wide range of art and […]

Donations – Icesi University, Cali

The Philanthropy Department’s purpose is to contribute to the institutional development of ICESI University and to be a key actor in social transformation in the Valle del Cauca region. The commitment of this new Directorate is to actively promote and foster a philanthropic culture in which it is conceived that all of us, from our […]

Radical tenderness – as an approach to political education

Radical tenderness – as an approach to political education, critical activism and transformative learning. For multipliers in political education, ESD and global learning and committed people who want to reflect on their political (educational) work. In cooperation with the concept work for a new economy. reading tip Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education Calm, embarrassed […]

Money for cancer research in Mannheim and Heidelberg DKFZ – SWR Aktuell

The German Cancer Aid supports a research project at the Medical Faculty Mannheim and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg with 1.5 million euros. Researchers are investigating how aging of blood vessels affects tumor progression and spread. The money comes from a new excellence funding program for established scientists. According to the German […]

Working with 2H | Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education

January starts with us with inquiries, planning, consultation and concepts. Some order the books for the whole year this month. Many partners, independent sponsors, but also people from next door are looking for a particularly intensive conversation, especially in these times. The conversation often begins with the sentence: “I can be quite frank with you…” […]