Vegeta’s official appearance in Super Saiyan phase 3 was finally revealed

After the appearances of Goku and Gotenks, the Majin Boo saga, plus the image of Gohan in an official card game, it is now Vegeta’s turn. The transformation of Super Saiyan phase 3 is one of the most impressive in the entire Dragon Ball saga. In the anime it was only achieved by two characters: […]

They find a man with a shot in the head in the west zone

A man was seriously wounded in the western area of ​​Rosario, a fact in which a friend of the victim was detained, based on the confusing accounts he provided to the police. The fact that is being investigated was denounced by neighbors when they heard a shot from a neighboring house, located in Pampa at […]

Paris: the remains of 500 guillotines found during the French Revolution

The discovery was confirmed this Tuesday by the authorities of the Expiatory Chapel as a corollary to two years of archaeological and historical research commissioned by the temple administrator, Aymeric Peniguet de Stoutz, the French newspaper reported The Parisian. According to investigators, the skeletal remains found on the walls and floors of the chapel correspond […]

He finds 2,000 euros and keeps them because “money has no name”

He found an envelope of 2,000 euros on the floor of the Náutico car park de Gijón and chose to keep them without alerting anyone or thinking about the owner of the money. The police work allowed identifying and naming the author of this misappropriation, which justified his action by saying that “money has no […]

the French find their way to medical offices

The phenomenon was beginning to seriously worry health professionals. During the two months of confinement, many French people deserted medical offices for fear of being infected or embarrassing caregivers already busy with the coronavirus epidemic. So much so that doctors feared damaging diagnostic delays in some patients. → READ. The caregiver’s cry of alarm for […]

Supported by the State, tourism finds some colors

The tourist soldier must be saved. While the President of the Republic had erected, as of April 24, the sector among the national priorities to be safeguarded, the sector is organizing. Tuesday, May 19 was held a committee bringing together representatives of different professions, in which Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister for […]

A predator dinosaur fossil found in Argentina

Paleontologists from the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences said they found the remains of a predatory dinosaur (Megaraptor), thus becoming one of the last meat-eating dinosaurs that inhabited the planet. The region of Santa Cruz, in the south of the country, witnessed the discovery in mid-March. After experts studied the fossil remains of 10 meters, […]

Can Argentina find a way out of another crisis? It’s not that easy

Argentina imposed a harsh quarantine throughout the country on March 20, as restrictive as those imposed in Italy or Spain, completely closing its borders with only 128 cases. This determined response from the Alberto Fernández government gave him local and international recognition, with a 53% approval rate in early May. As of May 14, Argentina […]

The Île-de-France National Orchestra is eager to find its audience

The last concert of the Ondif dates from March 12, in Rungis. As for its musical director, Case Scaglione, he has not conducted “his” musicians since January 31. ” We try to keep in touch with our audience via the Internet, he confides. And we can’t wait to find it as soon as the government […]

A traveling drive-in to rediscover the magic of cinema

Saturday evening in Bordeaux, the Place des Quinconces will be transformed during a screening into a drive-in. A giant screen, spectators in their car, an FM frequency to capture the sound on their car radio and on the program Hippocrates, Thomas Lilti’s film with Vincent Lacoste and Reda Kateb, a nod to the caregivers mobilized […]