Liao Junpeng, after 40 years of violation, reunited and praised the golden combination on the Internet… but he was so angry about this incident | Entertainment | CTWANT

69-year-old veteran artist Liao Jun suffered a second stroke four years ago. After being rushed to the hospital, he saved his life, but his language ability has been affected. Later, under active rehabilitation and treatment, he gradually returned to his favorite performance stage. The old partner “Peng Peng” sang together, surprising the fans. However, Liao […]

Construction financing despite current loans

Thank you very much for your answers. @bankkaufmann: It is a personal loan for free use. According to my research, what is primarily important is the so-called household bill. Taking into account a net household income of around €3,500, after deducting the flat rate for 4 household members (€1,400), there remains an amount available for […]

UAE – “Land Rover Defender” .. a new vision

(MENAFN- Al-Bayan) The new model of “Land Rover Defender” embodies a new vision in the world of cars that fits the twenty-first century, with its intelligence, capabilities and safety for all family members, to form a unique class of cars in and of itself, as it is the car for those who love adventure. The […]