Venezuela maintains flights to Mexico, Turkey

The National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (Inac) reported that commercial air flights to and from Venezuela with Mexico, Bolivia and Turkey continue to be active. Blom The measure obeys the Executive’s instructions to stop the spread of COVID-19, in accordance with the provisions of NOTAM C0037 / 21 and A0018 / 21, according to AVN. […]

Crown Towers Sydney —

This week, it opened one of the best hotels in the world and, without a doubt, one that will change the face of Australia’s most cosmopolitan city. It is the Crown Towers Sydney, the tallest hotel in Australia. The impressive tower, which is visible from anywhere in Sydney, is 275 meters high, has 349 rooms, […]

Direct flights between the US and Paraguay will resume

In this way, the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (Dinac) provisionally authorized Eastern Airlines to operate direct flights from Asunción to Miami from January 2021. “This decision is the result of an evaluation of the airport security measures at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, carried out in November 2020 by the Department of Homeland Security for […]

New strain of COVID-19 sets off alarms in America | The World | DW

From Canada in the north to Argentina in the extreme south of America, several countries on the continent announced this Sunday (12/20/2020) the temporary ban on flights from the United Kingdom and in some cases the entry of passengers from that European nation, after the appearance of a new, more aggressive strain of covid-19. This […]

American Airlines begins flights from Phoenix and Dallas to Loreto

La Paz, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex) .- “The arrival of a new flight to Loreto is not only news, it is the opportunity to begin to turn the potential of this tourist destination into realities,” said Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis after welcoming to passengers on the Loreto-Phoenix route, which will have four weekly frequencies and […]

Flights to Spain, England, France and Holland resume

Since the fortnight of December, commercial flights to 21 countries and 41 destinations are expected to resume in Peru, after the 7-month period in which our borders were closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The last to be authorized have been the European cities of Amsterdam (Holland), Paris (France), London (England); as well as […]

HBO Max, the Disney Plus competitor, arrives in Latin America in 2021

HBO Max, the new competitor to Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV in the region, which launched last May in the United States, will expand to Latin America and Europe during the second half of 2021. This was confirmed by the director of HBO Max Global and did so on the same […]

What is a black hole? This is how NASA explains it

A black hole is an astronomical object with such a strong gravitational force that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. The “surface” of a black hole, called the event horizon, defines the limit where the speed required to evade it exceeds the speed of light, which is the speed limit in the cosmos. […]