Index – FOMO – Tibi Kiss is back at the Quimby, taking the stage again

The Quimby team announced two years ago that Kiss Tibi, the band’s frontman, will retire indefinitely due to his alcohol addiction. Finally, last summer, it was announced that the isolation period was over and the musicians would meet again. Not long after, Kiss Tibit could be seen again at the Budapest Bár performances, and in […]

Index – FOMO – The star of The Matrix has died

Speaking to the American NPR, the news of the death was also confirmed by the New York police. According to their statement, the elderly actress died of natural causes at her home. Most people call Mary Alice 2003 Matrix: Revolutions you may know him from the movie, in which he played the Oracle (Gloria Foster […]

Index – FOMO – Netflix is ​​in serious trouble because of Zac Efron

As the Index also reported, the campaign promoting travel, environmental protection and a sustainable lifestyle was not entirely appreciated by the critics. Down To Earth with Zac Efronsay Around the World with Zac Efron The Netflix series, however, the work still garnered serious recognition, including the Daytime Emmy award for the work of the Efrons. […]

Index – FOMO – Just one more question: how well do you know Lieutenant Columbo?

2022.07.15. 07:14 The actor’s name may not be known, but his voice is almost certainly known by everyone, because he voiced Lieutenant Columbo in the series bearing his name. Gyula Szabó – whose daughter is the well-known presenter-actress Zsófi Szabó – during his decades-long career, he acted in several films and series, and appeared in […]

Index – FOMO – Johnny Depp sent Amber Heard to a warmer climate with a song

The disgraced actor owes his favorable verdict to the fact that Hollywood has finally begun to count him. The litigation with his ex-wife Amber Heard damaged his reputation and many of his fans and even his colleagues turned away from him. The actress accused Depp of physical, mental and sexual abuse, which involved a long […]