Index – FOMO – The sons of Károly Gesztesi started a new business

“I already had a barber shop before, this is practically a reimagining of it. I don’t have a degree in hairdressing, but taking care of my hair has been important to me since I was a teenager, which is why I went to the salon very often. Over time, I thought about what it would […]

Index – FOMO – Elon Musk published a private picture of Amber Heard

The book dealing with the life of Elon Musk was recently published in English, from which we can get to know the world’s richest man much more closely. Although in the recent period, news about the businessman’s relationships and his unborn children have been circulating in the world press, the volume that has recently hit […]

Index – FOMO – Travis Barker had to go home urgently from Europe

At the beginning of September, the band Blink-182 was supposed to play several concerts in Great Britain, including Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin, but according to an Insta-story published on the band’s Instagram page, fans there will have to wait a while to hear them live, as performances were postponed. Due to family reasons, Travis had […]

Index – FOMO – Dua Lipa: The only baby on my mind is my new album

Dua Lipa, the multi-Grammy award-winning singer, stated in an interview that she does not want to be a mother yet. As she said, she is grateful that today’s women can decide if they want children and, if so, when. He added that there is only one baby for him, his new album. In an interview […]