Almost 430 million euros of EU money misused

Subsidy Abuse Investigators are also examining work within the European authorities. According to an earlier report, more than 527 million euros were misused in 2021. Bild: dpa Brussels According to a report by the European Anti-Fraud Office, almost EUR 430 million in funding was misused or misused in the EU last year. According to its […]

“Aktenzeichen XY” TV Show to Expose and Protect Against Current Scams

Munich (dpa) – The TV show “Aktenzeichen XY” this Wednesday focuses on current scams with which bona fide victims are often deprived of their entire fortune. According to the announcement, in addition to the latest methods used by criminals, there are also plenty of tips on how to behave. In addition, Federal Interior Minister Nancy […]

Former Director of Díaz Law Firm linked to another fraud case in Pachuca

A criminal control judge from Pachuca once again linked to the process the former director of the Díaz Law Firm, Francisco “N”, for the crime of fraud, falsification of documents and false use of false documents, for which there are seven links to the process against him. The person in charge of the office of […]

Protecting Yourself from Social Security Identity Theft in the USA

You received a receipt for a loan that you never applied for or you have had tax evasion problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRSS), when you have always been a correct person. These are some of the cases that can arise if your credit card number was stolen Social Security. Identity theft is one […]

“Messenger Scam in Imst: 56-Year-Old Loses Mid Four-Digit Amount”

The 56-year-old was then asked to transfer a four-digit amount to an account. The 56-year-old complied with this and another transfer request. Overall, the total damage amounts to a mid four-digit euro amount. ( crimePanorama 2023-05-17 14:03:03 1684393042 #Messenger #fraud #Imst #Daughter #fourdigit #amount #56yearold

Chicago Man Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Cubs Hats While on Probation

CHICAGO – A Chicago man was arrested and charged with selling counterfeit Cubs hats he did while on federal probation for selling fraudulent White Sox tickets, Cook County officials said Friday. Bruce Lee, 37, was arrested Wednesday after undercover officers bought counterfeit Cubs hats from Lee on two separate occasions in Wrigleyville, Cook County Sheriff […]

Fraud in tax files and drug exchange documents in Wasit and Basra

May 14, 2023 Baghdad / Obelisk Al-Hadath: The Federal Integrity Commission announced, on Sunday, that it was able to seize tampering with the receipts of tickets for medical disbursement in the governorates of Wasit and Basra. And the commission stated in a statement, “The Investigation Department, speaking of the first seizure operation carried out by […]

Who investigates a “fraud” in a bank fixed term?

The Guarantees judge Alberto Caballero today adhered to the proposal of the coordinating prosecutor Adrián Riveros and the assistant prosecutor Leonardo Arancibia (UFI of Special Crimes), so that the accusatory system does not investigate the complaint of a man against a manager of Banco San Juan, because he assures that in March 2017 he deposited […]

Major fraud with car leasing in Pongau: The verdict came five years after the indictment

Three years partially conditional imprisonment (one of them unconditional) in Salzburg for 63-year-old accused of fraud and breach of trust. In 2018, prosecutor Sabine Krünes brought the charges, in 2019 the jury trial was opened at the regional court – and only four years later, on Thursday, was the verdict: A now 63-year-old from Vorarlberg, […]