Amazing! Play on Xbox while your wife is in labor

He plays on Xbox while his wife is in labor, the video is viral on the internet because they treat him as inconsiderate. The above was recorded by the same woman who was in labor while her husband was playing a game of Fortnite. Play Xbox in the delivery room A man took his video […]

Partial opening of Kabul airport announced

They announce the partial opening of the Kabul airport, as stated by the Qatari ambassador to Afghanistan, Said Mubarak al Jayarin, who has been at the forefront. The above, while they continue working to solve some technical problems that will allow “commercial international flights to be operating soon.” Kabul airport partially reopens Qatari Ambassador to […]

Diesel will get more expensive for the second week from Monday – Energy

Gasoline and diesel prices will go their separate ways next week. If those who have a vehicle with a gasoline combustion engine will benefit from a slight relief, those who have to refuel with diesel should suffer the second consecutive weekly increase, starting next Monday, September 6th. According to the calculations of Negócios, the price […]

Fuel prices: Gasoline and diesel rise in early September

Our forecast for fuel prices for the week of August 30th to September 5th is for an increase of 2.5 cents/liter for simple gasoline 95 and 1.5 cents/liter for simple diesel Next week, according to the verified trend and by our calculations, it will be fuel price rise. Last week, our calculations indicated a slight […]

Fuel price breaks record

From this Monday, fuel prices register one of the biggest weekly drops in recent months. In simple gasoline 95, the expected devaluation is three cents per liter, which represents the biggest drop since the beginning of the pandemic. As for simple diesel, a drop of one cent and a half per liter is expected, the […]

Mol pocketed a huge profit

Mol also significantly increased its revenue in the second quarter, so that the first half-year EBITDA (interest, taxes, and operating profit before depreciation) exceeded HUF 505 billion, more than doubling the result of the same period last year, according to the Budapest Stock Exchange ( BSE) on its website. According to the consolidated, unaudited statement, […]

Duque calls for union of the Andean countries to overcome the crisis due to the pandemic

Duque calls for the union of the Andean countries to overcome the crisis due to the pandemic. This Saturday, July 17, the president handed over the pro tempore presidency of the Andean Community (CAN). Duque handed over the pro tempore presidency to his Ecuadorian counterpart, Guillermo Lasso. Union of the Andean countries Colombia assumed the […]

Fuel Prices: Gasoline and Diesel Rise to New Highs on Monday

Gasoline will go up by 1 cent and diesel by 0.5 cent in the week of July 19th to 25th, according to our forecast The Minister of Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, supported by a recent report by ENSE (Regulatory Authority) said this week that the responsibility for the rise in fuel […]

While street discontent increases, a new jump in the price of gasoline in Lebanon

This rise comes as the Lebanese authorities announced a change in the fuel price schedule, which observers interpreted as a partial lifting of fuel subsidies. Following the recent increase, the price of gasoline has risen by 81 percent, since last April, which threatens to further deteriorate the purchasing power of the Lebanese. Earlier, the Lebanese […]