Need to refuel your car? wait for monday

Fuel prices should drop significantly from next week. Check how much the liter of diesel and gasoline will go down The liter of diesel and gasoline should drop, on average, eight cents per liter from next Monday, tells CNN Portugal a market source based on the price of oil and refined products on international markets. […]

We drove: Mercedes-Benz GLC, 2022

Based on the experience of a short test run, it is still difficult to filter everything, but with the GLC we managed to get involved in several interesting situations on the ZalaZONE test track. People usually only experience the operation of driving support systems in person, there is rarely an opportunity to practice them, so […]

Gasoline and diesel prices will drop next week

Contrary to what has happened in the last three weeks, fuel prices will finally go down starting next Monday. According to Away’s forecast, gasoline will drop by around 6 cents/liter, while diesel should drop by only 1 cent/liter. With this drop, the average price charged in mainland Portugal, which is very close to the two-euro […]

It wasn’t just Monday: fuel continues to rise (a lot) throughout the week

After the sharp rise earlier in the week, fuel prices continued to climb on Tuesday. There is no rule that determines that fuels go up on Monday, they can vary every day and differently by brand and even by gas station. But, typically, in Portugal, it is at the beginning of the week that there […]