A court breaks the obligation to wear a mask

A German court on Monday quashed the partial obligation to wear a mask to limit the transmission of COVID-19 in the city of Düsseldorf, which is expected to quickly adopt new regulations. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus • Read also: Pfizer announces that its vaccine is “90% effective” This […]

Activists Accuse Thai King of Ruling from Germany

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Pro democracy demonstrators Thailand ask the Chancellor German, Angela Merkel, to investigate whether the King of Thailand, Rama X Maha Vajiralongkorn, exercised political power during his stay in the country. Activists say they have sent a letter to the German Embassy in Bangkok to investigate whether King Vajiralongkorn “has done Thai […]

A green puppy is born in Italy

An Italian shepherd is used to seeing black sheep in the litters of his animals, but he never suspected that he would one day meet a puppy … green! Although rather rare, Pistacchio’s green complexion is the result of a chemical mixture between biliverdin, a green pigmentation found in bile, and amniotic fluid from the […]

In the midst of an epidemic, Shopify, the anti-Amazon, displays glowing health

The pandemic has forced thousands of businesses to turn to e-commerce for survival. Many of them have gone through Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform modeled against Amazon, which has emerged among the big winners of the crisis. • Read also: [EN DIRECT] The latest developments on COVID-19 • Read also: COVID-19: a “boon” for the […]

The British from Liberty Steel want the partial takeover of ThyssenKrupp. The dismantling of the German steel trust takes employees to the streets – Companies

The British company Liberty Steel has submitted an offer for the steel division of ThyssenKrupp, which is in difficulty. Stock markets are jubilant, unions are terrified. On Friday morning, about 3,000 ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe employees demonstrated in front of the Düsseldorf chancellery, demanding that the state support the German company. The Prime Minister of North […]

Had Successfully Controlled Corona, Germany is Now Facing a Rise

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – German experienced a spike in cases corona virus alarming with the addition of 4,000 new infections in the last 24 hours. German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Thursday (8/10) said the daily spike was the highest since early April. He reminded Germans to stick to the rules of wearing masks, washing […]

Germany Refuses to Give Access to Meet Navalny

loading… MOSCOW – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia said that the Russian Embassy in Berlin had applied for consular access to meet with Alexei Navalny German. However, Moscow said the request had been rejected. “There is no answer to the questions posed by the Russian side through political dialogue or through diplomatic channels,” the Russian […]

Love blooms when Germany unites page all

KOMPAS.com – Love blossomed after the Berlin Wall fell. As a couple from East-West Germany, these two people learned a lot about their respective countries. There is a good side, there is also a bad side, and sometimes embarrassing. The following is what Bettina Stehkämper told DW. At that time, the man who would become […]