M5s in disarray – Libero Quotidiano

Luigi Di Maio is about to speak with a phone call from Barcelona at the Virginia Raggi event in the city of the Other Economy in Testaccio. The connection is ready, but here comes Giuseppe Conte. “Hi, I’m Conte, can we take a picture?”, The former premier introduces himself with the grillini militants, and with […]

background on Giuseppe Conte’s trap to kill him – Libero Quotidiano

Alessandro Giuli June 19, 2021 Beppe Grillo is returning to Rome, it is a matter of a few days, and he will not bring olive branches with him but the knotty club of the betrayed leader: he is furious with his, leaders and parliamentarians of the Five Star Movement, who are preparing to launch the […]

traitor of the West and infiltrator of the worst dictatorship – Libero Quotidiano

Beppe Grillo yesterday posted on his website a long article against NATO secretary Stoltenberg and premier Draghi who, during the G7 underway in Cornwall, launched an appeal to the West to “defend our values” from political, cultural and economy of Russia and China. In short, Grillo it would take us out of the Atlantic Alliance […]

so the premier dismissed the left – Libero Quotidiano

Antonio Socci May 31, 2021 A turning point has taken shape in this last month, in politics and popular sentiment, in Italy. It can also be represented numerically. The Ipsos poll published yesterday by Corriere della Sera did so. First of all, the figure relating to parties is striking, because Lega and Fratelli d’Italia are […]