A year of Conte II, at the helm of Covid Italy – Politics

The man who in February 2019 was pointed out by Guy Verhostadt, in the Chamber of the European Parliament, as the “puppet” of Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio, the following year took the helm of Italy invaded by Covid-19. This data would be enough to describe the parable of Giuseppe Conte, the Apulian lawyer […]

Earthquake: Count in Amatrice for 4th anniversary ceremony – Last Hour

(ANSA) – AMATRICE, AUGUST 24 – Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte arrived at the football field of Amatrice for the commemoration ceremony of the fourth anniversary of the earthquake in Central Italy. And the premier immediately touched the bitterness of the Amatricians, who did not fill the seats provided for the audience. Once he entered the […]

Negotiations on the crisis fund and the EU budget dragged on until six in the morning. It did not bring an agreement – ČT24 – Czech Television

There is fatigue in the meeting room, the atmosphere thickens Over time, fatigue has become apparent among the participants in the Brussels summit. According to diplomats, French President Emmanuel Macron slammed his fist on the table at one point, while Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had stopped listening to the others. “Green countries continue to block […]

the answer to Rutte – Libero Quotidiano

02 July 2020 “Italy will make it on its own”. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, after a lunch near the Spanish Steps, he took a walk through the streets of central Rome where he stopped to talk to passers-by and merchants. And the opportunity was good to respond to Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, […]

Conte, truce with the Democratic Party but on simplifications the CDM still slips

ROME There is a truce. And the desire to return to “run” together. But the one-to-one face-to-face meeting between Nicola Zingaretti and Giuseppe Conte does not help to unravel the knots of normal and daily administration. Just like the Simplifications decree that still cannot see the light. So much so that the Council of Ministers […]

“Should I take off my underwear and bra?” – Free newspaper

Sensational “sexual” ambush a Giuseppe Conte, all in a work break between the majority summit and the pre-council of ministers on the simplification decree, today, Thursday 2 July. Walking on the street, when there were only a few steps to the government seat, here is the premier a girl approaches, attractive and rigorously without a […]

“Full convergence”. Then the substantial opening on the Mes – Libero Quotidiano

Troubled days for the government, with Giuseppe Conte more and more cornered, with a Pd e Nicola Zingaretti that are pressing him, so much so that according to multiple press backgrounds the premier is preparing for the possibility of being replaced. And in this context, the face-to-face between Conte and Zingaretti started, which started around […]