Roger Federer Calls for More Investment in Education at UN General Assembly

Roger Federer appeared in New York without a tennis racquet for once. The Swiss called for more investment in education before the UN General Assembly. Roger Federer calls for more investment in education (archive image). – keystone Ad the essentials in brief If Roger Federer has his way, more needs to be invested in the […]

Minedu begins registrations for the National Contest of Good Teaching Practices 2023

Teachers and directors of public and private schools can register until Saturday, September 30 The Ministry of Education began registration for the 2023 National Good Teaching Practices Contest, which seeks to identify, recognize and disseminate the best initiatives of teachers and directors of public and private schools that generate significant learning for their students. Teachers […]

«Well, it doesn’t come with having one more expense either»

The Government renounces for now applying some points of the Animal Welfare Law, such as the mandatory nature of the civil liability policy. A Saluki named Lola relaxes on a podium Reuters A few days ago Moncho hired a liability insurance for his two dogs, Arco and Elsa. He thought that with the entry into […]

Why it is good for your children to be bored

A study cited in a 2018 article in the New York Times lamenting the relentlessness of modern parenting found that regardless of education, income or race, parents believed that children who are bored should enroll in extracurricular activities. As Erin Westgate, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Florida, explained to me, there […]

The weather forecast for this Tuesday, September 12

Weather in Buenos Aires: The weather forecast for this Tuesday, September 12 Society > A maximum of 16 degrees is expected The sky will remain mostly cloudy throughout the day. Weather in Buenos Aires Reading time: -‘ September 12, 2023 at 08:17 For today a mostly cloudy sky is expected with a minimum temperature of […]

China affirms that it maintains good relations with the G77 Group

Scene of a G77 conference. (Source: Reuters) Reuters quoted a source from Xinhua News Agency on September 12 saying that Secretary of the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China Li Xi will attend the Summit with the Group of Developing Nations (G77) in La Habana (Cuba) from September 14-16. Mr. […]