Serious accident with five injured on the B 294 near Gutach – Gutach im Breisgau

According to the police, a serious traffic accident occurred on Sunday around 5:30 p.m. on the B 294 near Gutach. The federal highway was temporarily closed after the head-on collision. The accident happened near Gutach im Breisgau. According to the police, five people were injured in the traffic accident, some seriously. The B 294 had […]

Grandville. Three good reasons to go to the Night of the Welders

Content reserved for subscribers Saturday 06 August 2022 06:00 … 1 Forty-five artists are expected, on the night of Saturday August 6 to Sunday August 7, 2022, on the quai d’Orléans, in Granville (Manche), for the Night of the welders. The public will be able to admire them working on each of their projects. © […]

“I wanted to call 112 but she told me not to, that she was fine”

Published on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 06:30 Par Jordan Kasier On Monday, the lifeless body of Elke Wittmann, 81-year-old Mouscronnoise, was found in her caravan in Coxyde. The death had been qualified as suspicious at the start before the autopsy did not rule out the criminal thesis. His family testifies. Between Robert Deprez and […]

Top clubs in line for Van Domselaar: “Undisputed…

Daphne van Domselaar Foto: © Pro Shots Daphne van Domselaar has become one of the sensations at the OranjeLeeuwinnen during the European Championship. The young goalkeeper replaces Sari van Veenendaal and does that well. Van Domselaar has been playing for FC Twente Women since 2017. She came over from Telstar’s promises at the time. The […]

Complete Edition of Phoenix Point is now available

TRPG Phoenix Point recently reached the one million player milestone, as well as rolling out the latest update for the PC version of the game. And with that, a total package can now be launched, which can proudly bear the name Complete Edition. This ultimate version of the game includes the updates released in the […]

“God” is an asset for Neersen

Jul 10, 2022 at 2:22 p.m Willich: Premiere at the Castle Festival : “God” is an asset for Neersen “God” celebrated its premiere at the Castle Festival. In the foreground: Helmut Büchel (r.) as Richard Gärtner and Christian Miedreich as lawyer Biegler. Photo: WZ/Werner Dohmen I want to Visitors to the premiere of “Gott” at […]

27 companies labeled “Feel Good”

27 companies have been labeled “Feel Good”, the final block of the 4K artificial intelligence solution deployed just after COVID by ReKrute to meet new market needs and challenges. These companies were rewarded for their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their employees, even before their integration. The e-recruitment firm, Rekrute has announced the list […]

Page not found – Rennes University Hospital Center

We invite you to check the use of upper and lower case characters as well as the spelling of the words used, especially in the case where you entered the address of the page directly in the address bar of your browser. In order to continue browsing, we advise you to consult the various sections […]