Watch ‘Greenland’ again: Ric’s film…on TV

On October 3rd, 2022 (Monday) ZDF showed the feature film “Greenland” by Ric Roman Waugh on television. Read here when and where the feature film will be shown again, whether only online or also on conventional television. On Monday (October 3rd, 2022) the film “Greenland” was shown on TV.Didn’t get to see the Ric Roman […]

Documentary film “Into The Ice” in the cinema: In the not so eternal ice – culture

Midday in the frozen desert: Professor Jason Box uses the sun, strips down to his underpants, sunglasses and neon-colored headscarf, throws his sleeping mat in the snow and does a few yoga exercises: chaturanga, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog. All around him nothing but a glistening, shadowless white stretching to the horizon, above it a bright […]

Boat tows Greenland shark, which may have been born over 500 years ago – News

A giant squid carcass was found intact by hikers on a beach in Britannia Bay, South Africa. Assembly/R7 The impressive record was shared by several vehicles. According to Live Science, the animal was filmed for the first time in its natural habitat in 2013. Reproduction/Video/New York Post The difficulty in obtaining images of giant squids […]

Best Western will be the first hotel chain in Greenland

The hotel project has been going on for almost four years and is run by a local investor group consisting of the brothers Tommy and Frank Bagger and Jens Kristian Friis-Salling. The extensive project has required many hours of work and planning, and despite a year of Corona Pandemic, the group has stood strong together […]

Scientists accidentally discover the northernmost island in the world – World

A group of scientists has announced that they have accidentally discovered the northernmost island in the world, off the coast of Greenland. The BBC reports it. Last July an expedition of Danish-Swiss researchers reached by helicopter what they thought was the island of Oodaaq, known since 1978 as the northernmost island. But when they checked […]

small island near Greenland – ČT24 – Czech Television

“It was not our goal to discover a new island,” said polar explorer Morten Rasch, who runs a science department at an Arctic station in Greenland. At first, researchers thought they had arrived in Oodaaq, an island discovered in 1978 by Danish polar explorers. Only later, when they checked their position, did they find that […]

NASA Scientist Stunned, Greenland Ice Sheet Melts

Jakarta – Greenland, which is close to the north pole, is usually densely covered with ice, now starting to seem to melt. These visual findings make it even more certain that the real impact of global warming is happening on Earth. NASA scientist Johs Willis, who studies ice sheets and oceans, said that at first […]

Danish researchers discover what is probably the northernmost island in the world

Northernmost island in the world The small as yet unnamed island at the northernmost tip of Greenland is possibly the northernmost island in the world – it was discovered by researchers from the University of Copenhagen. Photo: Morten Rasch / University of Copenhagen / dpa (Photo: dpa) According to their own information, researchers at the […]