NATO finalizes a new defense plan against Russia ahead of the summit | The World | D.W.

NATO concluded this Thursday (06.16.2022) its last ministerial meeting before the allied summit in Madrid, in two weeks, in which they outlined their deterrence and defense plans against the Russian threat in Eastern Europe, where they foresee more heavy equipment deployed and reinforcements of “pre-assigned” troops. And that is one of the qualities of this […]

Reuters report, for the fifth year ANSA first for reliability – Politics

After Covid, which has made the desire for certified information soar, interest in news considered more “difficult” and “traumatic” such as the war in Ukraine, inflation and the pandemic itself is decreasing. People tend to avoid this type of news and it also decreases the trust of readers in general. This is the picture that […]

US accuses Russia of not cooperating to end war in Ukraine – World

The United States on Monday accused Russia of not cooperating in negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. The administration of Joe Biden hopes that the Russian offensive can end through dialogue and, in the meantime, it pledges to continue helping Ukraine to “defend its democracy”. “We hoped that [a invasão russa da Ucrânia] ended […]

China ‘will not hesitate to start a war’ over Taiwan

Wei Fenghe, Chinese Defense Minister, at a forum in Singapore. / Reuters Tension increases for Taipei’s independence after Beijing’s “provocative and destabilizing” military activity near the island Taiwan can become the new Ukraine. China’s latest statements fan the flame of a growing tension in East Asia that is about to explode. Could it end in […]

The Trinity is not taught in books but by living for others

At the Angelus, Francis “apologized” to the peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan whom he will not be able to visit in July: “Let us pray together so that with God’s help and medical attention I can visit them as soon as possible”. He then referred to the 10 nuns […]

US secret services admit to having more information about Russia than Ukraine

The United States still does not have a clear picture of Ukrainian military operations. This lack of information could make the task of providing the necessary military aid more complicated, at a time when deliveries of weapons and more sophisticated military systems to Kiev intensify. In espionage, an information network can take decades to assemble, […]

The war in Ukraine still holds surprises. The biggest may be for Putin.

LONDON — Here’s a startling fact: At a time when Americans can’t agree on virtually anything, there has been a consistent majority in favor of providing generous economic and military aid Ukraine in its fight against the effort to Vladimir Putin for erasing it from the map. It’s doubly surprising when you consider that most […]