A major volcanic eruption occurred in Indonesia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: esdm.go.id On the island of Lomblin in southern Indonesia, the Levotolo volcano ejected a column of ash to a height of 4 km. This was reported by the country’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. According to the report, seismicity increased at 00:06, indicating the influx of magma. Then, 15 minutes before the start […]

Arson of the Ciracas Police, Prada MI Threatened by the ITE Law

Merdeka.com – Central Commander Police Military (Danpuspom) Major General TNI Eddy Rate Muis said that until now his party together with the Police are still investigating the case of vandalism and arson at the Ciracas Police Headquarters. Jakarta East. “The masses came into the courtyard of damaged buildings, official and private vehicles parked at the […]

7 Diabetes complications, can cause nerve disorders and eye damage

Illustrations of diabetes. © Shutterstock / Ivelin Radkov Merdeka.com – Diabetes is a type of disease that is quite a lot suffered by people throughout the world. In a person with diabetes mellitus, the level of sugar in the body is very high. This then makes the body unable to produce insulin or even does […]