Hurricane Ian is causing “historic” damage in Florida

Hurricane Ian is causing “historic” damage in Florida Show captionHurricane Ian caused enormous damage in the US state of Florida. Photo: dpa Show captionDuring the initial impact of Hurricane Ian in central Florida, people could still be seen on the streets. Photo: dpa Show captionBrianna Renas inspects a fallen palm tree in front of her […]

“There is almost nothing that is not broken”

Tragedy at the fair – parents completely desperate Shylah (26) crashed in a mysterious roller coaster accident: “There is almost nothing that is not broken” Shylah Rodden (26) had an accident at a folk festival in Australia. dpa/Instagram/shyyrodden Sep 26, 2022 at 8:38 p.m Shylah Rodden is fighting for her life after she died in […]

Current news, news and headlines from RTL Aktuell

The RTL main news is a flagship of the station, anchorman Peter Kloeppel is one of the defining faces.For more than 20 years, the company’s leading journalist has been a guest on TV with ‘RTL Aktuell’ in millions of German households to present the news of the day.“We make news for the viewers”, according to […]

Drama in Brazil: helicopter with politicians crashes against power lines

Local politicians are sounding the alarm Is the next wave of refugees coming? After earthquake in China Man survives 17 days incommunicado After a truck accident Mega Bridge bursts into flames and smoke Brutal police in Baltimore Police officer hits teenager Because of a neighboring property Azores: German is said to have killed two men […]

Error 404 – – more than messages and news that move you

The online news portal offers you the daily latest news, Headlines, images and videos from different departments. We keep you up to date on developments in the Ukraine war and Vladimir Putin’s decisions. Whether explosive Celebrity News or Curiosities from all over the world: On you are always well informed. We bring you […]

Ind vs Aus 2022 1st T20I

With Mitchell Marsh absent with an injury, Steven Smith will bat at No. 3 against India. His role in Australia’s first-choice XI in the lead-up to the men’s T20 World Cup, however, will remain fluid. Australia are missing three of their first-choice players in the top six for the three-match series against India starting in […]

Influencer Bruno K. is said to be a deadbeat and a serial rapist

After running over a boy, more crimes come to light Bruno K. is an influencer, totraser and is said to be a serial rapist 03:47 min After a fatal accident comes out: Influencer is said to be a mass rapist 1 more videos Sophia Thiel once weighed 80 kilograms With sport and nutrition plan to […]

If parents don’t pay, children have to go to the “mole group”

Two-class day care center in Berlin If parents don’t pay more, the children have to go to the “mole group” We (Symbol Photo) ve ax amr gfh, dpa, Rolf Vennenbernd Sep 17, 2022 at 10:47 am Great excitement about the care of the dear little ones in Berlin. In the capital, daycare has been free […]

Trainer shoots young police officer (27)

Tragic accident in Graz Police training ends deadly: trainer shoots young police officers (27) In Austria, a police officer died during an exercise. (icon picture) German press agency September 15, 2022 at 2:31 p.m They actually wanted to carry out a routine exercise, but the training session of several Austrian police officers ended in tragedy […]