Hospitals in the US are laying off unvaccinated workers

UMass Memorial announced this summer that they must vaccinate or show reasonable waiver by the November 1 deadline. “We sincerely hoped that everyone would get the vaccine and stay at UMass Memorial, but as a healthcare organization we need to protect our patients and service providers,” says an official hospital network statement cited by NBC. […]

Not Only Asthma, These Causes Can Cause Shortness of Breath |

Home Life Health – Monday, 06 December 2021 15:02 WIB . (Net) POSITIVE CLICK – Difficulty breathing or the sensation of not getting enough air is known as shortness of breath. In the medical world, shortness of breath is called dyspnea and can make sufferers feel uncomfortable and restless. Although sometimes it’s not an […]

M. Dukuram third, T. Dukuram seventh place in the third stage of the World Cup

Martins Dukurs started as the sixth, started three times in the curb, but at that time reached the best time out of six competitors – 56.05 seconds. After the finish of all 28 skeletonists, it turned out to be the third fastest time after two German athletes – Christopher Grother and Aksel Jungka – for […]

Karl Lauterbach, the new superstar Minister of Health

The future German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has appointed Karl Lauterbach as the next Minister of Health. This health policy expert has been one of the most popular public figures since the start of the pandemic. But his style is not unanimous. He is a health economist specializing in health policies, studied epidemiology at the famous […]

These are the new restrictions for travelers visiting Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, like other countries around the world, has been forced to implement new restrictions for travelers due to the identification of the omicron variant, first detected by scientists from South Africa. On par with the United States, the Health Department implemented on the island a series of measures for domestic and international travelers seeking […]

Vaccination Bulletin – 12/04/2021 (Saturday)

The nursing teams, under the coordination of the Health Surveillance department, continued on Saturday (12/04) the vaccination against covid-19. Throughout the day, 715 people were vaccinated in the city. Of these, 106 received the first dose, 388 received the second dose, and 221 received the booster dose. So far 239,369 people received the first dose, […]

24th of May receives the Keep Knowing Itinerant this Saturday (04)

Guidance and testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections will be provided on site Continuing the programming of December Red in PetrĂ³polis in the month that calls attention to the prevention and awareness of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), the municipal government is carrying out this Saturday (04) the second stage of the Stay Sabendo Itinerante. The action […]

Successful baby implant in Barranquilla, a milestone in world medicine

The perinatologist gynecologist and fetal surgeon Miguel Parra Saavedra she is overflowing with joy. Surgery intrauterine correction The fact that he performed a fetus with five other doctors to remove a myelomeningocele mass was an absolute success and became the first of its kind to be done in the world using a new practice. This […]