35 years difference: Madonna surprises with a new novel

Photo: REUTERS / SCANPIX According to the Daily Mail, the novel has been going on for several months. It seems that Madonna and her new cavalier have a serious relationship, because the couple went on a leisure trip with Madonna’s relatives. Media representatives managed to take pictures of lovers on the balcony of one of […]

One new case of coronavirus infection in Estonia

Consequently, the number of confirmed infections in Estonia reached 1995. No deaths from the new coronavirus disease Covid-19 were reported in Estonia last day. A total of 69 people died of the disease in Estonia. A total of 109,980 analyzes have been performed in Estonia to detect infection with the new coronavirus. 598 analyzes were […]

Exciting ideas for children and parents: how to spend time sitting at home

Creates a video blog A blog or video blog is a good passion for learning a topic and training your speaking and presentation skills. Expert Klāvs recommends creating a window with practical suggestions, such as how to spend time interestingly at home. It is also exciting to create “stop motion” videos, for example, from plasticine […]

COVID-19 and vitamin D: myth or miracle remedy? | Health | DW

A severe deficiency of vitamin D, that is, 12 nanograms per milliliter of blood or less, can lead to severe and painful deformations of the bones, a disease known as rickets in infants and young children, and osteomalacia in adults. Vitamin D level is highly dependent on sunlight. When the skin receives enough ultraviolet rays, […]

Case of HIV patient in remission raises hopes for future AIDS cure

File photo. A health worker takes a blood sample from a woman for an HIV test in Kunmíng, Yunnan Province, China. December 1, 2018. REUTERS / Wong Campion LONDON, Jul 7 (Reuters) – The first case of an HIV-positive man who went into long-term remission after being treated for less than a year with an […]

PHOTO: Lūsēns, Brauns, Muktupāvels and Sutugova chant “Sunset Songs” in Ikšķile

The composers themselves have called themselves “hooligans” and “romantics” with a smile, and the bright personalities of both are manifested in compositions, improvisations and true passion for making music. The stage scenography uses elements of “living fire” and two “trees of light”, which bring the spectators closer to the rhythms of nature and brighten the […]

Dartas Danevičs’ public photo with Artus Kaimiņš

The photo collage shows both driving in the car, while the couple’s dogs are basking in the back seat of the car. Also, the influencere “Instagram” has shared a photo, which shows what picnic she took care of. And unless the actress has longed to enjoy dessert, then the feast is most likely for two […]

PHOTO: the best wedding photos of Latvian photographers last year have been selected

Rolfs Vendiņš, whose works are best described by the style of photojournalism, was recognized as the best wedding photographer in Latvia in 2018. Only Baltskars won the second place with a difference of one point, but Sasch Fyodorov won the conditional bronze medal this year. The submission and evaluation of photos took place in 12 […]