Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of the Zappos company, passed away at 46

Tony Hsieh, who became a frequently cited and studied management guru by persuading millions of people to buy shoes online through Zappos, died Friday at the age of 46, said one of his companies, DTP. Cos. The company did not provide a cause of death, but the Associated Press cited reports that he had been […]

Death of star hairdresser Udo Walz: what is a diabetes shock?

Star hairdresser had long been suffering from diabetes The term diabetes mellitus from the Greek “diabainein” meaning “flow through” and the Latin “mellitus” meaning “honey-sweet” describes a characteristic symptom of the disease: the accumulated blood sugar is excreted through the kidneys with the urine. Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the effect of the […]

Health intervenes with wedding in Gurabo

The Health Department intervened yesterday night at a wedding at the Zafra del Caribe restaurant in Gurabo. According to Telenoticias, Salud canceled the activity for being in violation of the Executive Order that prohibits crowds. The Health Department cancels a wedding in a restaurant in Gurabo for violating the executive order. Details at 10pm @TelenoticiasPR […]

Suitable for Vegans, These are the Health Benefits of Oat Milk

INDOZONE.ID – Oat milk is an alternative to plant-based milk from animal milk. This milk is an ideal choice for vegans and people with gluten allergies or intolerances. Since oat milk is made from filtered oats, you will lose out on many of the nutrients normally found in oats. That’s why oat milk that is […]

El Peruano – Supreme Decree that extends the Sanitary Emergency declared by Supreme Decree No. 008-2020-SA, extended by Supreme Decrees No. 020-2020-SA and No. 027-2020-SA – SUPREME DECREE – No. 031-2020 -SA – EXECUTIVE BRANCH

Supreme decret N ° 031-2020-SA THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC WHEREAS: That, Legislative Decree No. 1156, Legislative Decree that dictates measures aimed at guaranteeing the public health service in cases where there is a high risk or damage to the health and life of the populations, aims to identify and reduce the potential impact negative […]

The less virulent dengue epidemic

Finally, good news in this context of health crisis. If the dengue epidemic continues in the archipelago, surveillance indicators have been decreasing since the end of October, even if they remain at high values. A decrease in the number of clinically suggestive cases of dengue has been observed over the last four weeks: 845 cases […]

Molde got infection number 101 on Friday night –

On Friday night, Molde municipality received notification of a new case of infection. The person in question has come to the municipality from elsewhere in Norway, and the source of the infection is known, the municipality says on its website. The case is not linked to the large outbreak that has taken place in Molde […]

Alert for unauthorized use of drugs to treat Covid-19

Since the pandemic began, the scientific community has expressed concern about what they consider the indiscriminate use of unauthorized drugs and without scientific evidence to treat and prevent Covid-19. The Colombian Association of Pharmacology (ACF) issued a warning on the use of azithromycin and N-acetylcysteine to prevent the disease caused by Sars-CoV-2. Jorge Machado, president […]