Exercise not only prevents cancer, it could also help beat it

Over the past few decades, more and more evidence has been gathered that being physically active reduces our risk of developing malignancies and dying from them. And in the case of cancer in particular, some large-scale studies have already shown that people who exercise are much less likely to develop thirteen different types of cancer […]

How healthy is orange juice?

news European joint study explores positive effects by PM (13.11.2020) Scientists from three leading research institutions in their disciplines will start the clinical research project HESPER-HEALTH from spring 2021. It aims to investigate how regular consumption of orange juice can help maintain normal blood pressure and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. B. Sc. […]

How to Disburse BPUM UMKM BLT Assistance of Rp. 2.4 Million After Receiving SMS from Bank BRI, Cannot Register Immediately

DIY NEWS – The government through the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (Kemenkop UKM) provides Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) in the form of Productive Assistance or BPUM for MSMEs affected by Covid-19 amounting to IDR 2.4 million. Previously, the government through the productive Presidential Assistance FAQ (Banpres) stated that assistance would be distributed until September […]

Help in 17 seconds of input… “I never had a chance to call my name”

◀ Anchor ▶ Tottenham’s Son Heung-min was assisted after 17 seconds of making a substitution in the Europa League. This is Lee Myung-no. ◀ Report ▶ In the 16th minute of the second half, when Tottenham was chased 2-1, Son Heung-min replaced Moura. Upon entering the stadium, in the blink of an eye, he sprinted […]

8 Aid That Will Be Disbursed in November 2020. What about PKH Bansos?

BLITAR MEDIA – Since the Covid -19 pandemic, the government has made efforts to help the affected communities. For November 2020, it is planned that aid from the government will be disbursed. Quoted from the Youtube channel Inspirasi Oktara, which is a companion to the hope family program, explaining for the assistance that will be […]