Including health insurance in salary is already essential

VALENCIA. We receive Noelia Simón Pallas, owner of one of the Mapfre offices in Valencia and Rafa Negrete, Mapfre Sagunto health advisor. They are main functionón are insurance and financial products but today we discover more about health insurance.

Zarautz : Appeal to help the victims in Turkey and Syria

From Hotz Zarautz they appeal to the people of Zarautz to help as much as possible the refugees affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, with the acquisition of food. For this, there is the option of sending donations by Bizum or by bank transfer to: Hotz Zarautz, Donar/04982, in the Caja Rural de […]

Two women are evicted in Torrent in the middle of a storm

He corridor was full of things. And mattresstens of bags and boxes full of clothes, hangers, souvenirs and objects of decoration. There were even paintings, lamps and cushions. Once the elevator door opened, the first thing you saw was a mountain of junk that Teresa, her daughter Sara (fictitious name) and five friends went taking […]

Norway will be a generous donor to Ukraine. For five years

“We propose that Norway provide Ukraine with a binding and permanent contribution,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Störe informed. “It will be 15 billion (Norwegian) kroner a year for five years, so (a total of) 75 billion kroner,” he added after presenting details of the plan to opposition leaders. The package is expected to include humanitarian […]

Ryzen 7×40 series: Now with 20 PCIe 4.0 or PCIe 5.0 lanes?

NEWS Ryzen-7×40-Serie Now with 20 PCIe 4.0 or PCIe 5.0 lanes? At the beginning of the year, AMD introduced a whole range of new notebook processors. While the Ryzen 7×45 series aka Dragon Range brings the chiplet approach of the desktop models to the mobile sector for the first time, the Ryzen 7×40 series aka […]

Food and music for the homeless

Published: Saturday 04/02/2023 07:01 A citizens’ initiative enables homeless people in Oberhausen to participate in cultural life. The initiative “Music builds bridges” will again give out food to the homeless tonight, +street musicians will be there and will make live music for the needy. © Martin Möller / Funke Foto Services (symbol image)

DirectStorage in the first PC contact: tried Forspoken with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA

Rewrite this content For years, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and AMD have been driving the DirectStorage drum as the primary enablers. With Forspoken, the first title has now been released that brings DirectStorage to the PC and we wanted to take a look at the advantages and perhaps disadvantages of this technology. We also sent Forspoken through […]

Sergio Olabarrieta, the generous Portuguese angel

Rewrite this content Sergio Olabarrieta with the photo of various winners of this award in previous years. / L. G. The president of the Bizhotz Aratz athletics club, with whom he has promoted numerous charity events in the last decade, receives the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award from Portugalete Of all the charitable activities that […]

The aid that people with a variable rate mortgage can benefit from

The rise of 0.5 points in interest rates undertaken by the European Central Bank (ECB) on December 15 was a new setback for mortgagees, who saw how the Euribor went from being at negative rates to touching in 2022 3%, as this newspaper already reported. Although -with a view to 2023 and taking into account […]