Index – FOMO – Being a parent in Hollywood is not easy either

Although parenting is the happiness and fulfillment of most people, there is no doubt that doing it well is a difficult and demanding task with tremendous responsibility. Determining who counts as a good or just a bad father and mother is quite relative and almost impossible, but it can be quite conspicuous if one doesn’t […]

Stranger Things actress launches strong criticism of Hollywood for fatphobia

Written in SHOWS the 25/6/2022 · 15:42 hs The actress Shannon Purser He issued a strong criticism against film studios and video platforms, since, from his point of view, characters who do not meet the ‘standards’ of bodily perfection are set aside, for which he accuses that it is not allowed the growth of overweight […]

He is Max Muñiz, the unknown twin of Jennifer Lopez’s non-binary daughter

Much has been said about the daughter that Jennifer Lopez recently introduced as a non-binary person, Emme Maribel Muñiz. But this one has a twin brother who stays more in low profile. meet Max Muniz, the offspring and pride of JLo and Marc Anthony. Who is Jennifer Lopez’s son? Jennifer Lopez’s son is called Maximilian […]

Tom Cruise Never Did Better: Top Gun: Maverick Already the Biggest Movie of His Career

©  AP Less than a month after its release Top Gun: Maverick already the biggest film of Tom Cruise’s career (59). The Paramount Pictures blockbuster is already grossing 800 million euros worldwide. That is about 35 million euros more than Mission: Impossible – Fallout, until recently the actor’s most successful feature film. The fact that […]

Index – FOMO – The number 69 wins in Hollywood to date

Most people are very afraid of aging and its effects, there are those who are already panicking about the passage of time in their thirties, but there are also those who are over forty or fifty years old when they feel good in a really explosive form. themselves. It’s no different among Hollywood stars, where […]

Celebrities who are denied entry to these countries for life

Of Hollywood a Bollywood and of Tokio a Los angels, the superstars of music, movies and television are the most received figures anywhere in the world, right? Excited fans wait for them at the airport and the highest dignitaries present them with the keys to the city and even award them honorary doctorates from prestigious […]

She’s Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend

For decades, it was not possible to know who his partner was, and three years later it turned out that he had met a colleague. Keanu Reeves has now pledged his love in public. Charm In the 90s, at the height of his success, he lost his friend River Phoenix, who died of a drug […]

TOP 10 Worst Celebrity REACTIONS to JOKES!

PRESENTED BY: Axel Foucault WRITTEN BY: Axel Foucault These stars can’t stand jokes! For this list, we’re going to look at the times when celebrities weren’t the best when it came to pranks on themselves or someone they know. Our list includes Tom Cruise, Marilyn Manson, Will Smith and many more!