She is Huma Abedin, the new love of Bradley Cooper – New Woman

Bradley Cooper abandoned singleness and seems to have found love with Huma Abedin, a political adviser 45 years, according to some US media. The actor left behind the women of Hollywood with whom he used to go out to conquer politics, who is also the right hand of Hilary Clinton. According to specialized sources in […]

A method actor | News The Tribune of Albacete

Jared Leto is, without a doubt, one of the most chameleonic and versatile actors in Hollywood. A method actor who gets involved with each of the characters he plays. The extreme physical changes to which he undergoes, losing weight or gaining weight as the character requires, are very notorious. In Morbius he plays a scientist […]

Index – FOMO – Brad Pitt is seriously ill, but no one believes him

2022.07.08. 08:06 According to his own admission, he suffers from face blindness, but this has not yet been confirmed by an official diagnosis, the actor said in an interview with GQ magazine. According to the diagnosis of face blindness, patients – usually due to some kind of nerve or brain injury – are unable to […]

Brad Pitt Doesn’t Recognize People

Brad Pitt has prosopagnosia, roughly translated as face blindness. The actor (58) reports this in the American magazine GQ. It means he doesn’t recognize faces. Two in a hundred people suffer from this condition, and Pitt fears it makes him appear arrogant and inaccessible. The condition has already cost him business deals. ‘I’d sit in […]

Velvet – Gummy Candy – Brad Pitt retired to his luxury country estate

Brad Pitt is tired of legal battles with Angelina Jolie, and with it, of acting. The Hollywood movie star recently testified that she considered saying goodbye to the limelight for good. The legal disputes between the former dream couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, continue to this day. Justice related to children’s visibility rights and […]

Index – FOMO – Being a parent in Hollywood is not easy either

Although parenting is the happiness and fulfillment of most people, there is no doubt that doing it well is a difficult and demanding task with tremendous responsibility. Determining who counts as a good or just a bad father and mother is quite relative and almost impossible, but it can be quite conspicuous if one doesn’t […]

Stranger Things actress launches strong criticism of Hollywood for fatphobia

Written in SHOWS the 25/6/2022 · 15:42 hs The actress Shannon Purser He issued a strong criticism against film studios and video platforms, since, from his point of view, characters who do not meet the ‘standards’ of bodily perfection are set aside, for which he accuses that it is not allowed the growth of overweight […]

He is Max Muñiz, the unknown twin of Jennifer Lopez’s non-binary daughter

Much has been said about the daughter that Jennifer Lopez recently introduced as a non-binary person, Emme Maribel Muñiz. But this one has a twin brother who stays more in low profile. meet Max Muniz, the offspring and pride of JLo and Marc Anthony. Who is Jennifer Lopez’s son? Jennifer Lopez’s son is called Maximilian […]