10 reasons why New York is not that great

NEW-YORK – New York City -the center of the universe. Every year, thousands of people move to the Big Apple to make their dreams come true. First year is awesome, you made a ton of new best friends who love to hang out, sleep right to left and party until late hours. The second year, […]

from Scientology to cinema in space

Universal Pictures studios, one of the big Hollywood companies, are in negotiations to shoot the film that Tom Cruise, NASA and Elon Musk they want shoot in space, as announced by the magazine ‘Variety’, The budget? The most optimistic forecasts estimate it at more than 170 million euros. If they reach an agreement, this would […]

Discerned Pride launched speech without audience at Homomonument | NOW

The 25th edition of the Pride started in Amsterdam on Saturday. Due to the corona measures, there are no big parties in the city this year. There is an alternative program instead. Deputy Mayor Rutger Groot Wassink opened the Pride on Saturday afternoon with a speech without an audience at the Homomonument. Despite the austere […]

therapies to “cure” homosexuality will be a crime – CNN

(Credit: PEDRO PARDO / AFP via Getty Images) (CNN Español) — With 49 votes in favor, 9 against and 5 abstentions, the plenary session of the Congress of Mexico City approved a reform to the penal code so that, from now on, the so-called “efforts to correct sexual orientation and of gender identity ”or Ecosig. […]

Cura santafesino called to “correct” homosexuality on TV – News

“I ask you a question: Would you like to have a homosexual son or daughter?”, With this phrase, the Santa Fe priest from Cespos began his daily segment, “Pause as a family”, the day that a new anniversary of the declaration of the Equality marriage. “What a question! You do not need to answer me, […]

Departure of Jacques Toubon, Human rights defender: “I put what I am into it”

“My only regret is to leave.” Jacques Toubon seemed moved this Wednesday 1is July for his farewell to his mission as Defender of rights. Chosen, against all odds, by François Hollande to succeed Dominique Baudis in 2014, he leaves on a balance sheet unanimously praised for his defense of public freedoms and should leave his […]

With much love and deep reflections: this is how the famous commemorated Pride Day 2020

A new commemoration of the International Day of LGBTI Pride and this time the social networks had more activity than in previous opportunities, following the confinement by the covid-19. Thus, among the millions of publications that have been made during this day, those of celebrities generated high impact, both by scope and by their content. […]