Hospital, the eighth tower closest. Fontana: “Ready within the mandate”

The eighth tower of Pope John remains among the priorities of the maxi regional health plan. And if the start of the works will almost certainly not be this year, as the then Councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti announced during her visit in October 2021, the commitment is there and was reiterated by President Attilio […]

Hospitals review “maturing machines” and deploy new bidding packages

As recorded at the Department of Medical Examination (Bach Mai Hospital), in recent days, the number of patients is always overloaded, making human and machinery in this situation. The high-tech machines, magnetic resonance, CT scan, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound machine… are so overloaded that many patients have to queue and make appointments from the day before […]

The internal crisis suffered by hospitals in the Atlantic

Parallel to this context, the delay of the staff salaries of health and the non-payment of their social benefits are also part of the “agony” that dozens of people suffer, since their pleas are not usually heard by the managers of these public entities. A clear example of this reality is reflected in the hospitals […]

maggots and leeches break in as curative therapies

Do you suffer from cataracts? Mix the gallbladder of a hare with honey and apply it to the eye with a feather. Use this treatment for three nights in a row and and There you go. As strange as it may seem now, it turns out that this was one of the medical prescriptions that […]

Health: the race for profitability and its excesses

SoMed private health centers do not risk such a disaster. In June 2022, its founder Yehoram Houri brought the All Seas investment fund into its capital, as a minority shareholder. For the group, which has fifteen sites in France and generated 25 million euros in turnover last year, the cash arrived in cascade. “Very concretely, […]