Coronavirus, Paolo Liguori: “Hiring doctors and differentiating hospitals”

22 October 2020 09:50 The director of Tgcom24: “Spending money immediately on health care” “A lot of money must be spent on health care right away“. So Paolo Liguori a “Itali tonighta “on the measures to be implemented as soon as possible to deal with theCoronavirus emergency. “More doctors need to be hired – explains […]

Saint-Luc Hospital distances itself from its views …

The Saint-Luc hospital in Brussels calls the views of infectiologist Jean-Luc Gala ‘counterproductive’. The hospital has announced via Twitter that it ‘unambiguously distances itself’ from its statements. ‘It is very exceptional for a hospital to distance itself from a doctor.’ On Tuesday evening, Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A) was involved To the point is […]

Coronavirus: the number of covid patients continues to increase in Brussels hospitals

Brussels hospitals are in phase 1B, i.e. 50% of intensive care beds are reserved for covid patients. LThe Brussels public network Iris had 31% of its beds occupied by Covid cases in intensive care units (ICU) on Monday morning, Etienne Wéry, the managing director for the Iris network, which brings together CHU Brugmann, CHU, said […]

Logbook of a resuscitator: “that would seem like a miracle …”

Practitioner in a hospital in the Paris region, on the front line since February to treat patients with severe forms of Covid-19, an anesthetist-resuscitator delivers his journal of the crisis every week for AFP, on condition of anonymity sanitary. “For now, the Covid resuscitation patients for the month of October frankly resemble the Covid patients […]

AMLO announces new stage of medical care for Covid-19 – Society and Justice

Mexico City. In Mexico there will be a new stage of attention to Covid-19 with the best you have in medical personnel, equipment; where there is more experience to care for the sick and minimize deaths, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It includes, he detailed, an agreement with private hospitals so that patients with […]

These are the 100 best doctors in Spain in 22 specialties

Related news 2020 is and will forever be the year of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the doctors who left their skin to save the maximum possible number of patients. For almost two months, these professionals received all the applause that they had never been given, nor had they been given other recognitions. However, the […]

Three field hospitals are donated by the US to Panama to combat COVID-19

Nimay Gonzalez • 29 Sep 2020 – 12:40 PM Panama received three field hospitals donated by the United States (USA) on Tuesday with the aim of increasing the installed capacity to combat COVID-19 in the country. The delivery of this donation was made by the head of mission of the United States Embassy in Panama, […]