Eliminate negative energy from your home (and your life) this fall. Here’s how

Here are the most important tricks to remove negative energy from your home (and your life) this fall: There is a divine force that is in every home and when the energy flows smoothly and freely, the space is charged with positive and beautiful vibrations. However, sometimes this flow is blocked or becomes negative. Maybe […]

Hurricane Laura, at least 14 dead in Louisiana and Texas – North America

The death toll from the passage of Hurricane Laura over Louisiana and Texas has risen to at least 14 deaths. Local and health authorities report this.Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards confirmed that at least 10 people have lost their lives in his state, including five due to carbon monoxide produced by portable generators used inside […]

Exercises to burn abdominal fat from home in just ten minutes

You are probably reading these lines because you ‘gordominal’ it is growing exponentially and you want to remedy it. The extension of your midsection may be due to of the reasons. One of them, although it sounds cliché, is the aging. As we add years there is a lost of muscle mass, a series of […]

“There is no reason for schools to become reservoirs for viruses”

School, reservoir for viruses: chiseled by seasonal epidemics of influenza and gastroenteritis, the image dies hard. Except with the Sars-CoV-2, the rule suffers exception. According to the researchers, the child is not the main vector of propagation of the epidemic. Subject to compliance with barrier gestures and screening of patients, Professor Michel Tsimaratos, head of […]

Disappeared in Crema: Summit at the Prosecutor’s Office – Last Hour

(ANSA) – CREMA, AUG 26 – The Ris di Parma would have found other traces of blood today at the home of Alessandro Pasini, the 45-year-old who ended up in prison accused of killing Sabrina Beccalli, who has been missing from home in Crema since mid-August, and of having destroyed the corpse. Today the Ris […]

Photo galleries: 8 online jobs that you can do from home

PHOTOS | Do you want to start a business without having to rent a commercial space and get a massive business loan? Well, thanks to the internet there are several business that you can start with little or no money, according to Entrepreneur. Thanks to the internet there are several business that you can start […]

Pros and cons of exercise routines at home – Life

Faced with the forced restriction of physical activity during the state of alarm, many people modified their way of doing sports with online workouts from home. Will these new formats take hold or when the fear of contagion passes, will everything go back to being in person? (You might be interested in: 79% of students […]

Car garage deduction: how it works and how to use it

The garage is also included in the deductions for home renovations, provided by the government in the Relaunch Decree. It is one tax relief of 50% on a maximum sum of 96 thousand euros for the construction of parking spaces or garages. Car garage deduction: how it works and how to use it Here are […]