Eleven Presidents Butler at White House Dies of Coronavirus

His image, at the doors of an elevator, while Barack Obama tasted a chicken nugget and his wife Michelle watched him smiling, went around the world. He looked like an infiltrator, someone who had sneaked into the snapshot at the last second, but actually Wilson Roosevelt Jerman he had been many years older than the […]

Download the BuenaVida May issue for free | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here We have finally set foot on the streets again, although we still have a way to go; And, between a walk and a bike session, time to be at home. Judging by our networks, we dedicate these moments to cooking, baking […]

Photos: Making a home | The weekly country

Access to the main bedroom with a painting by Carlos Mínguez Carrasco. Door secured with a blue enamelled brick. Transforming an industrial space, a printing press to be more exact, of 227 square meters into a place for life does not seem, a priori, an easy task. And more if what is intended is to […]

Germany: “We supporters are no longer worth anything”

“The first and second German football leagues will be able to continue playing according to the agreed rules, from the second half of May.” When Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the resumption of the Bundesliga on May 6, but behind closed doors, Germany did not rejoice. Several Länder leaders had expressed their opposition to this takeover […]

Recovery bursts onto the coast and relives the Spanish dream of the beach house

06/14/2017 12:00 – Updated: 06/30/2017 19:20 The crazy eighties were running. The ‘Un, dos, tres’, space directed by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador and presented by Mayra Gómez Kemp, threw the house out the window every week with prizes such as cars, trips to Cancun or apartments in Torrevieja, Jávea, La Marina, La Manga del Mar Menor […]