Is your credit reviewed in October? Get ready. Increase in installment can reach 45%

Euribor rates rose sharply in September and will heavily penalize those whose mortgage loans are reviewed next month. See the simulations October should be a month of positive surprises for the pocket of most Portuguese people. Most will receive 125 euros in state support to face the consequences of inflation. Those who have children under […]

Rents increased by more than 40% in five years | Housing

In five years, the rents practiced in Portugal increased by more than 40%, a growth rate that is largely exceeded in several municipalities. In the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto alone, where it is more expensive to live, rents increased by around 50% in this period; and, in the municipalities on the outskirts of […]

Subsidies for expensive energy: Which ones are you entitled to?

1. Housing allowance It refers to households that spend more than 30 percent of their income on expenses related to housing, i.e. rent, energy, water and sewerage and services. In Prague it is 35 percent. This benefit will see an increase in norms that cap this benefit from October. For many families, especially single seniors […]

International institutions expect positive performance of UAE banks

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The “S&P” credit rating agency indicated in a report that banks in the UAE are moving forward on their way back to their strong performance before the outbreak of “Covid 19” at the beginning of 2020. . According to the report, the agency expected that banks in the UAE would return, […]